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Our customers experiences on a Linssen yacht

Linssen customers sail their yachts all across Europe. Read interesting stories about what they did on their travels. Join them and get to know the pleasures of boating or gain inspiration for your own future trips. Whether you intend to cruise on inland waterways, rivers and canals through Burgundy in France, Friesland in the Netherlands, the extensive waterways around Berlin or along the coastline or travel longer distances, for example across the North sea, Mediterranean, Baltic or Adriatic, you can do it on your Linssen yacht.

Our customers like to tell us about their trips. If you read about a trip that you want to do yourself and would like to know more, our customers will be happy to provide you with more information. Please contact Linssen Yachts (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or, where appropriate, one of the Linssen owners clubs.

These articles have been published in the Linssen Magazine. This magazine is sent to Linssen owners and fans twice a year. You can read the articles in Dutch, German, English or French. Make your choice by clicking the language selector at the top right of the website.

Date / YearCruising area / CountryTitle -> download / open PDF by clicking on the title
2023 France - Belgium - Netherlands From Auxerre (FR) to Maasbracht (NL)
2022 Germany - Rhine Boating on the Rhine
2022 Sweden Sweden, a big surprise
2022 Belgium Cruising in Belgium
2021 Netherlands Tour of the Netherlands
2021 Belgium / France / Spain/  Portugal Sailing to Portugal, to remain there forever
2021 Netherlands An adventurous journey past mills and sandbanks
2020 Netherlands / Grevelingenmeer Vita Nova Summer cruise on the Grevelingenmeer
2020 Norway / Telemark Canal Islands and a canal: a summer in Norway
2019 Belgium / Netherlands Sailing in Dutch and Belgian limburg
2019 Dalmarian Sea A voyage on the Dalmatian Sea
2018 Sweden A frosty dream trip across Sweden
2018 Netherlands Travels in the Netherlands with a Linssen and a camera
2017 Baltic / Med (Croatia, Italy, France) Halfway around Europe on our own brand new yacht
2016 Norway Cruising through Norway on a Linssen motor yacht
2016 Baltic Sea Cruising the Baltic with a Linssen yacht
2016 - Safe fun for kinds on board
2015 Germany A cruising region for lovers of nature and culture
2015 Denmark, Sweden, Finland From Maasbracht to Lake Saimaa
2015 Finland Cruising in Finland
2015 Croatia Croatia among europes most beautiful areas for cruising
2014 Europe Just turn the key and off you go
2014 England Four men and a boat
2014 Netherlands, Germany This is living the Linssen dream
2014 Netherlands Closing the book on sail
2013 England, Belgium, Netherlands A pioneering sailing tour
2013 Netherlands - Maastricht It can't just be a coincidence, can it?
2013 Denmark Denmark the archipelago of large small islands
2013 Cooking on board
2012 Germany / France Our voyage through the Mirabelle region
2012 Germany / France Carving the Ardennes with Linssen fleet sixteen
2011 - Linssen Yachts services
2011 England, Belgium, Netherlands Exciting crossing in thick mist
2011 France - Burgundy Burgundy is a fantastich region with a fascinating culture, a wonderful gastronomic tradition and superb wines
2011 Netherlands - Limburg Visiting the Province of Limburg via the Willemsroute
2011 France - Corsica The west coast of Corsica is always treacherous
2011 France, Germany The Quiche Lorraine Tour with Delfin (part 2)
2011 - Quality means value retention
2010 France, Germany The Quiche Lorraine Tour with Delfin (part 1)
2010 Norway Winter Wonder Land - Norwegian conversion from a Colin Archer to a Linssen
2010 Netherlands Grüezi Holland
2010 France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland Lake Constance - Vienna - Paris (part 2)
2009 Switzerland Sailing in Switzerland - Three Lakes Area
2009 France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland Lake Constance - Vienna - Paris (part 1)
2009 France - Canal du Midi A wonderful cruise down the 'platane' lined Canal du Midi
2009 Germany, Netherlands, France A trip from Merzig to Paris
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