The Linssen boatyard complex of over 45,000 m2 in area. Spread over two locations (Maasbracht and Echt), all production is in-house.

This is a particularly impressive process, which cannot be properly explained on paper. You really have to see it to appreciate it.

If you are interested in a Linssen yacht and are visiting the boatyard, one of our staff will be pleased to show you our production line. You will be amazed by the huge variety of yachts and the possible interior versions.
Linssen Yachts has approximately 30-35 yachts in production at any given time.

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Installing the interiors

Having arrived from the interior module factory, the interior modules are installed on the Logicam production lines. The first step is to lay the floors and fit the walls. The forward cabin, including toilet and shower and (in the case of 40 ft yachts and above) the guest cabin, are then installed. The next step in the production process is to install the aft cabin with toilet and (where fitted) shower (or the open cockpit) and this is finally followed by the centre section - the saloon, pantry and dinette.

All the cabling, pipes and drains that run under the floors through the FIS system emerge 'through' the floors, walls and ceilings in the right place to the outside to be actually connected up at a later stage in the finishing process.

The last step is to give the complete interior several coats of lacquer, to provide the cherrywood with optimum protection.

The finishing process

The interior is now complete and the finishing phase begins. Most of the technical systems, i.e. equipment including the heating system, batteries, fuses, instruments, etc., are housed in the engine room, but some are also installed under the floors and behind the walls.
Connecting all these components wherever they are in the boat is part of the finishing process. They include the drain from the toilet and shower, the water supply for the pantry, electricity to all the power sockets and lighting system and much more besides.
The helmsman's position is also fitted out at this point. The cable harness with the labelled wiring for all the instruments is ready to be installed. All the navigation instruments, displays, switches, meters and handles are connected up.

The windows, having been made to exact dimensions outside the yacht, are mounted in the rebates. After being thoroughly inspected at the last workstation, the yacht is reported to be complete and is transported outside for the launch.

Commissioning, final check and test sailing

Our Travellift lowers your new Linssen into the water, after which the official commissioning process takes place. The engine or engines are adjusted and calibrated; the navigation equipment, depth gauge, GPS, etc. are adjusted and all the technical components are checked during a test sailing.

Your yacht is given a final thorough check before you come on board. The yacht is inspected in minute detail and everything is tested again. It is then thoroughly washed on the outside and the interior thoroughly cleaned and your dream yacht is ready to be handed over.

This handover of a new or pre-owned Linssen yacht always takes a full day, so that every detail can be explained, every question answered and every test completed – you can rely on us for that!
We’ll never just thrust the keys of your new yacht into your hand without providing you with comprehensive information!

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