Linssen Selected Marinas

Have you visited one of the Linssen Selected Marinas or are you looking for a nice marina? Then the Linssen Selected Marinas are for you.

Why Linssen Selected Marinas? 
During its long history, Linssen Yachts has delivered approximately 3,000 steel motor yachts, of which an estimated 2,500 are still sailing the many inland waterways, rivers and coastal waters of mainly Europe. And 65-70 more are added each year.

The owners of our motor yachts visit many ports throughout Europe every year. Picturesque small marinas close to nature, larger marinas often on the outskirts of larger towns, and marinas close to the centre of European cities.
A Linssen Selected Marina is a marina nominated by Linssen owners and offering excellent facilities.

  • Excellent facilities such as showers, toilets, water and power supply
  • Enclosed, secure port
  • Possible enclosed parking space
  • Shops for your groceries within walking distance
  • Spacious, safe jetties where you can leave your Linssen in peace for a walking or cycling tour in the area.

Linssen Selected Marinas:

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01 Linssen Selected Marinas in the Netherlands01 Linssen Selected Marinas in the Netherlands
These are the Linssen Selected Marinas in the Netherlands.
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02 Linssen Selected Marinas in Belgium02 Linssen Selected Marinas in Belgium
In Belgium there are many nice marina's. These are the Linssen Selected one's
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