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On Saturday 30 September, the Linssen Yachts showroom will be closed due to work on the power supply.

Linssen Yachts
4 yacht series

Unique characteristics of a luxury Linssen yacht

All steel Linssen motoryachts are characterised by quality, space and excellent sailing characteristics.

Linssen Linssen Grand Sturdy series

The Linssen Grand Sturdy series is the most versatile steel yacht series you can find. A sturdy and robust appearance due to the rope fender, but still with a modern touch.
9-14 m / 30'- 45' ft
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Linssen Linssen SL series

SL is an acronym for Sport Luxury. As fitting with the sporting philosophy, the main character lines of the yacht have been accentuated. The exterior design is hallmarked by details that are unique to the SL series.
9-14 m / 30' - 45' ft
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Linssen Linssen Variotop® series

A yacht equipped with a Linssen Variotop® is actually a very special combination of an inside and outside helmsman’s position and a fly-bridge.
14-16.5 m / 45' - 55' ft
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Linssen Linssen Variodeck series

The Linssen Variodeck series is the yacht series with the Grand Sturdy 500 Sedan Variodeck. The biggest open cockpit yacht from Linssen Yachts. With 15,50 x 4,65 meters, she is the ultimate traveller to go through the European waterways.
15.50 m / 50' ft
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Why a luxury steel motor yacht from Linssen Yachts?

Timeless yet modern.

You will soon recognise our boats when you look over the rivers, canals and lakes. The unmistakable silhouette - the DNA of Linssen Yachts - will always remain intact. This way, you will have a motor yacht that is exceptionally valuable and stable in value.

All of Europe's waterways, rivers, canals and lakes are at your feet with a Linssen steel motor yacht. But of course you can also look for the big water and sail the North Sea, Mediterranean or Baltic Sea and visit countries and places you have never seen from the water.

In addition to new yachts, you can of course also come to Linssen for used Linssen yachts. We offer used yachts in three categories: the Linssen Collection with 12 months boatyard guarantee, Linssen Pre-owned yachts with 3 months boatyard guarantee and brokerage yachts. The range changes regularly and sometimes very quickly. If you would like to be kept up to date with our offer, please register for our newsletter.

Linssen Yachts is - and remains - 100% made in the Netherlands.

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Linssen shipyard steel hull construction

The luxury steel motoryachts
from Linssen Yachts

From the first sketch, development, prototyping and full production. Everything is done in-house.

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All yachts in pictures. From the first sketch to full production. Everything is done in-house.

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