Linssen Yachts is replacing the two current diesel forklifts at the boatyard with state-of-the-art electric forklifts from the renowned Mitsubishi brand, supplied through our local partner Lima. One with a lifting capacity of 2,500 kg and one with a capacity of 5,500 kg.

"The decision to switch to electric forklifts for our material handling reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability. We carefully chose Mitsubishi because of several factors, including their high traction, excellent manoeuvrability with a very short turning radius, and most importantly, zero emissions thanks to their electric drive. This fits perfectly with our commitment to environmentally friendly operations." said Jac Linssen.

Linssen e-Vorkheftruck
Linssen e-Vorkheftruck

Internal transport
Moving the yachts through the yard is basically very simple. Right from the start of production, the hull is placed on a 'cradle'. A hydraulic platform is connected to the forklift trucks that lift the cradle including the yacht and thus easily move it from one hall to another, to the Travelift or showroom. The large forklift is used for this purpose. The smaller one is used exclusively for pallets, materials and other lifting tasks.

By choosing a local partner like Lima, we not only strengthen our ties with the community, but can also count on fast and efficient service, which is essential for our site operations. Mitsubishi's offer, including attractive trade-in prices for our old forklifts, made the decision to switch all the more convincing.

This investment in modern transport equipment will not only improve efficiency and safety at our yard, but also contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment. We welcome this step forward and look forward to a long-term cooperation with Mitsubishi and Lima.

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