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Have you ever thought about investing in a motor yacht?

Our "intangible dividend"

If you put your money into shares, bonds or other investments you can’t spend it on anything else right now. You have to check stock market prices regularly, update your holding and decide whether to buy or sell. Your money is tied up for a certain time and of course you hope that it will deliver a good return. It's only after that that you can do nice things with it, e.g. buy a motor yacht.

But have you ever thought about investing in a motor yacht?

If you do decide to invest in a Linssen motor yacht, you can reap the benefits immediately. You and your family will be able to benefit from your investment together and have days, weeks or months of pleasure exploring new areas, visiting other countries and enjoying different cultures and cuisines. There are not many other investments that you can say that about. When you are on board your own yacht, you do of course also have to keep an eye on your course and adjust it regularly but that is quite a different thing.

You Linssen yacht will also provide you with a dividend, but we call that an "intangible dividend".

Moreover, a Linssen yacht is a particularly sound investment. Research confirmed by Ernst & Young shows that, after 4 to 6 years, the value of our yachts is still about 85% of the original purchase price.

Ask for our value projection for Linssen yachts and Ernst & Young's statement.

Hiring out your own yacht

Against the background of today's sharing economy, you also have the option of hiring out your Linssen yacht through the extensive Linssen Boating Holidays® charter network. This is not about sharing your yacht, with all the attendant risks and problems. Your yacht will be hired out for you by one of our professional charter partners through an individual charter management programme. They will take care of its maintenance, mooring, winter lay-up, cleaning, etc. for you. This guarantees the quality and maintains the value of your yacht. There is great potential for the further expansion of the Linssen Boating Holidays® charter network.

Ask for a sample calculation in which we provide details of the chartering concept.

Characteristics of Linssen yachts

Linssen Yachts builds steel motor yachts in the 9 to 16-metre range. These types of yachts are known as “displacement yachts”: slow-paced motor yachts which are used on all of Europe’s inland waterways, canals, rivers, coastal waters and lakes. They have all the comforts and quality you are used to at home. With two or three bedrooms (four to six sleeping berths) with toilets and showers, a spacious kitchen with dining table/seating and a roomy saloon/living room. The quiet and efficient engine offering low fuel consumption, the electrical and sanitary facilities and the spacious interior provide optimum comfort and ease of use.

The model and version you choose will be determined by the composition of your family/crew, your personal requirements, your cruising area and your budget. You will always be able to find a yacht that meets your requirements. If not, simply contact us to discuss your personal requirements.

All the work is carried out in-house at our boatyard in Maasbracht. Design, engineering, steel assembly, sandblasting, preservation and painting, interior design, installation of technology and interior fittings – it’s all done by our own staff by means of a sophisticated series production system.

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