The Linssen Grand Sturdy 500 Sedan Variodeck

It is the largest yacht with an open cockpit that we have built since our company was founded in 1949: the Grand Sturdy 500 Sedan Variodeck®. A luxury ‘traveller’ with the ideal dimensions of 15.50 x 4.65 x 1.20 m. And with a more than ideal clearance height of only 2.75 m. The Grand Sturdy 500 Sedan Variodeck® clears the (water)way for many comfortable cruises, even through the sailing mecca of France. This is the ultimate Linssen for skippers who like to think in terms of possibilities, rather than limitations.

Since 2003, the open cockpit concept has gained a permanent place in the Linssen Yachts product range. In recent years, an extensive line of sedans has been developed, from small (such as the 25.9) to large (most recently the 45.0). And now the flagship, the Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop®, is also getting a sedan version. But didn’t that flagship already have everything you could wish for as a sailing enthusiast? That was our first challenge in developing this 500 Sedan. How do you remain faithful to the 500 AC Variotop® and at the same time manage to create something new with a unique added value, but without the Variotop? But we managed to do it again. 

Linssen Grand Sturdy 500 Sedan VariodeckLinssen Grand Sturdy 500 Sedan Variodeck

01 Dec, 2020

Dimensions: ± 15,50 x 4,65 x 1,20 m Min. air draft: ± 2,75 m Engine: 2x Volvo Penta Diesel D3-110, 2x 82 kW/110 HP
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