After-sales specialists at your service across Europe
Anyone buying a Linssen yacht usually wants to get years of pleasure from it. And that’s precisely our intention: we take your pleasure seriously. You won’t be rid of us after you make your purchase. It’s now second nature to us to provide an after-sales service and answer questions from Linssen owners. Independent Linssen-trained after-sales specialists will take care of your precious possession across Europe.

Qualified Linssen Service Partner
We have selected and trained qualified service companies that will focus entirely on your Linssen. Specialists who know your yacht inside out and provide the service you are used to from us. With 2,500 Linssen yachts in operation, we can no longer continue to provide this high standard of service ourselves. This includes regular maintenance, repairs, warranty work, on-call service, parts, refits, add-ons, cleaning, maintenance advice and winter lay-up. After-sales service is a separate area of expertise and requires the right equipment, facilities and specific training. And that’s exactly what the independent specialists can do very well.

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