Steel motoryachts of Linssen Yachts!  

Linssen Yachts builds steel motor yachts from 9-16 meters (30 - 50 feet) in its 45.000 square metre shipyard in Maasbracht, Holland. From the first sketch, development, prototyping and complete production. Everything is done in-house.

In a unique series production, Linssen Yachts builds four yacht series: the versatile Grand Sturdy series, the sporting SL series, the unique Variotop® series and finally the Variodeck series. The Linssen Grand Sturdy series and the Linssen SL series are in various lengths available and you can choose between AC (with aft cabin) or Sedan (with Open Cockpit). The Variotop® series is a very unique high end series. It is the only yacht that has the Linssen Variotop®. The One Touch cabriolet system that combines outside and inside steering position in to one steering saloon.
Finally the Grand Sturdy 500 Sedan Variodeck, wich is the largest Open Cockpit yacht that Linssen builds. Full of unique features that make this yacht the ultimate traveller.

Linssen Grand Sturdy seriesLinssen Grand Sturdy series
The Linssen Grand Sturdy series is the most versatile steel yacht series you can find. With four lengths (30.0, 35.0, 40.0 and 45.0) and available in AC (with aft cabin) and Sedan (with open cockpit).
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Linssen SL seriesLinssen SL series
The Linssen SL motor yacht series stands for passion, endurance, and refinement: the SL is the mark of a Linssen that has been developed for the most discerning enthusiasts of sporting lifestyle. Available in four lengths (30, 35, 40 and...
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Linssen Variotop® seriesLinssen Variotop® series
The Linssen Variotop® series is the only motoryacht series that has the unique Linssen Variotop®. A cabrio roof, that combines an internal steering position and external steering position in one Variotop-steering saloon.
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Linssen Variodeck seriesLinssen Variodeck series
The Linssen Variodeck series is the yacht series with the Grand Sturdy 500 Sedan Variodeck. The biggest open cockpit yacht from Linssen Yachts. With 15,50 x 4,65 meters, she is the ultimate traveller to go through the European waterways.
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Unique characteristics of a luxury Linssen yacht
Linssen yachts are characterised by quality, space and excellent cruising characteristics. The quality of a luxury yacht is not only characterised by high-quality materials and finishing. Quality also lies in well thought-out and sophisticated technology, perfect engineering, trouble-free technology and access to all components. This makes maintenance on board easy to carry out and breakdowns minimal.
The special hull shape achieves the best possible cruising characteristics for both inland waterways and coastal waters. In addition, the wide full hull offers an enormous amount of interior space. And this space is also used optimally so that even the "smallest" Linssen 30.0 is a true wonder in terms of space.

Why choose a Linssen yacht?
Luxury Linssen yachts are elegant and timeless. The style and design of both the exterior and interior appeal to everyone. Choose the slightly more classic Grand Sturdy series of motor yachts or perhaps the sportier Linssen SL series. The interior design of a luxury Linssen yacht is made up of the best materials available on the market.
Special production methods and patented on-board elements ensure exceptionally low noise levels and the best handling characteristics. The Floor Integrated System (FIS) and the Power Impact Construction (PIC) in the hull are the best examples of this. Ask about them in your talks.

How Linssen protects the steel hull of your luxury yacht is reason enough to pay a visit to the boatyard. The Linssen 'Exterior Coating System', based on technology and infrastructure developed in-house and years of experience, provides perfect protection.
Linssen Yachts builds your luxury dream yacht in series. No fewer than 70 yachts of various lengths, models and designs leave the shipyard each year. In addition to the standard construction processes, there is a wide range of variants and optional items for the individual specification of your dream boat.

Advantages of a luxury Linssen motor yacht
It is important to realise that Linssen steel yachts are particularly stable in value. The constant quality resulting from more than 70 years of experience, series construction and recognisable model lines lead to a high residual value and excellent resale opportunities.
The yachts are comfortable, sound, safe and versatile for many boating areas, where you can benefit from the European Linssen dealer network for all your questions on purchase, maintenance, mooring, storage, etc.
If you decide to have a new luxury Linssen yacht built, you will receive construction support from your Linssen sales partner, comprehensive personal handover instructions, a 3-year Linssen Yachts warranty and the Linssen after-sales service.