The time has come: in 2024, we’re marking our birthday and would love to celebrate it with all of you. We kicked off the anniversary year back in November 2023, during the annual Linssen Yachts Boat Show, and we plan to carry out all kinds of activities with and for you throughout this year.

As I write this foreword (Linssen Magazine no 65), the season opening is behind us and so is our ‘real’ birthday on 1 April. The fact that this date was during our traditional André Suntjens Easter Tour made it extra special. On the morning of 1 April, all 19 Linssen crews gathered on the jetty and, accompanied by Thomas Lorenz on trumpet, the whole crowd sang Happy Birthday. A magical moment!

the Linssen family during the Linssen Yachts Boat Show in December 2023

But to go back in time, I grew up in Maasbracht, in the shipyard. Our bungalow, where my aunt Miep (sister of Jos, Harry, Jan and Peter) used to live, was at the Linssen harbour. We lived there until I was 12 and then ‘the hull plant had to grow’, so our house had to go. A real shame, because I always loved being in the yard. After school, I first went to the site to have chocolate milk in the canteen with ‘the boys’. I thought that was great fun.

Mum always made soup at lunchtime, basically for anyone who wanted it. Dad and his brothers always came anyway, and then (all of them!) took a brief nap on the sofa. Fortunately not all at once... Back then, I already knew I wanted to be ‘Uncle Peter’. Commercial director, although I didn’t know exactly what that meant at the time. He was always talking to customers and I found that really interesting. (And I still do.)

As I remember, we all did our bit. Dad 24 hours a day (well, almost); mum who, together with Netty (Peter’s wife), cleaned all the boats before delivery (and in the process once received a tip from a customer who had no idea he was tipping ‘Frau Linssen’, which he found out months later when ‘the cleaning lady’ stood next to Jos Linssen during BOOT Düsseldorf... still a great story!); and, when I was a bit older, I was allowed to help out during the holidays and also go along to BOOT Düsseldorf at the weekend.

Our children are now already doing the latter. Wonderful to see how Mathijs and Sophie (children of Paul & me – Grandpa Jos) but also Maurits and Laurens (children of Jac & Wendy – Grandpa Jan), Fleur and Bas (children of Wendy & Geert-Jan – Grandpa Peter) and Valentijn and Florian (children of Paulien & Noël – Grandpa Jan) are also already helping out regularly at events. The 4th generation is in the starting blocks!

Many thanks to all the top-notch people at Linssen Yachts who work extremely hard day in, day out! Your commitment and professionalism have made this anniversary possible. And to all our wonderful customers around the world: a big thank you for your loyalty and trust. Without your support, we wouldn’t be here. You’re all terrific!

While we reflect on the past 75 years, we also look forward with anticipation to the many adventures and successes that still await us. Together with you, we aim to reach even more milestones in the coming years and continue to share the passion for life on the water.

Have a great sailing season and we hope to see you soon in Maasbracht – or on the water!

Yvonne Linssen


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