Marine Service Schuller has been an official Linssen Service Partner for many years. Based in Kloosterstraat in Maasbracht, the company is not far from the Linssen boatyard. As well as the service company, the watersport shop Boat Equipment is also located at that address.

Proprietor Erwin Schuller, himself a trained diesel mechanic, has a long history with Linssen. He talks enthusiastically about their collaboration, which is entirely based on mutual trust: “We know each other extremely well. Sometimes it’s as if we’re an outside department of Linssen Yachts.”

Marine Service Schuller

Erwin doesn’t speak with a local accent. How did someone born in Zoetermeer end up in Maasbracht? Erwin laughs: “I often used to come to Limburg on holiday. I met my wife Miranda here and then just stayed on. After I did my military service, I landed my first job in Maasbracht as a diesel mechanic at Maessen, a machine shop. Linssen Yachts used to hire me from time to time. As a result, I spent another couple of years at Linssen working as a service technician before I started up Marine Service Schuller. So I’ve been familiar with the engines they use in their yachts for more years than I care to remember.”

All over Europe

Erwin started out as a self-employed service technician in 2004 under the name Marine Service Schuller. He now runs the business with his wife Miranda and has a close-knit team of experienced staff around him. Erwin: “When I was still on my own, I didn’t have permanent business premises. I was operating out of my service bus. I’ve seen all of Europe, including when working for Linssen Yachts. From the first day I started working for myself I’ve been working for Linssen. Harry Linssen had heard about it through the grapevine. On my first working day, I was sitting in his office being given my first assignments. That’s basically how the ball started rolling.”

When in 2010 the opportunity arose to acquire Wim Houben’s watersport shop in Maasbracht, Erwin didn’t hesitate for a moment. Erwin: “I had hoped that having Boat Equipment Watersport and our service company on the same premises would give us a little more peace and mean that we wouldn’t be on the road so much. The latter did indeed happen. However, the work has only increased since then. But you won’t hear us complaining. We can only be grateful to Linssen Yachts.”

Linssen Service Partner

For Linssen Yachts, Marine Service Schuller is one of the regular partners who provides its after-sales service. The team tackles and resolves technical issues that arise on new yachts within the warranty period. In addition, Marine Service Schuller is also responsible for preparing all engines for installation. Erwin: “We are an official Volvo Penta dealer. Engines destined for new Linssen yachts are shipped to us. We then carry out a quality check and assemble the engines the way Linssen wants them. Next, we take them to Linssen, where we prepare them for installation. Once the production process is over and a yacht is launched, we commission the engine.”

There has been a run on pre-owned yachts since the coronavirus pandemic. Erwin has noticed this in his day-to-day work, as he and his colleagues are also responsible for preparing pre-owned yachts from the Linssen Collection for sale. Erwin: “We used to prepare a pre-owned yacht for sale and it would then go into the showroom. Now these yachts are already sold before they even get to us.”

Quality requirements

What’s it like in practice being a Linssen Yachts Service Partner? Erwin: “The outside world sometimes thinks this is ‘dead easy’ because you are given assignments automatically. That is, of course, true. But don’t forget that Linssen Yachts has particularly high standards. I sometimes work for other brands as well but Linssen’s product quality, standard of finish and after-sales service are second to none. They are not just any yacht and Linssen customers are very demanding. But we like this challenge. We deliver the quality Linssen demands and that is appreciated.”

A wealth of knowledge

Over the years, Marine Service Schuller has accumulated a wealth of technical knowledge. “We’re very close to Linssen Yachts”, says Erwin. “That is, of course, a distinct advantage. We are also a fount of technical knowledge for service dealers and charter operators who work for Linssen. We do of course get involved in the technical decisions that Linssen takes, like the recent decision to switch from Volvo Penta to Mercury engines for certain Linssen models (yachts 12.85 m and over). Linssen also keeps us right up to date about this. The first Mercury training courses have already been scheduled.

Diesel or electric?

The future of diesel engines on pleasure yachts also came up during the interview. Erwin Schuller is keeping a close eye on developments. Erwin: “Every course I attend is about electric sailing. I regularly sell electric outboard motors in my watersport shop, but I can’t honestly see fully electric engines for yachts happening yet. A whole lot of problems will have to be solved first – charging, for example. This will take too much time and, what’s more, you often pay three times the normal price for electricity in marinas. In commercial shipping, you certainly see electric and especially hybrid sailing taking off. For example, the Port of Antwerp’s patrol vessels are now 100% electric. These are positive developments. Incidentally, diesel engines for yachts are set to become cleaner thanks to the use of catalytic converters and afterburners.”

Boat Equipment Watersport

From toilet rolls to electric scooters and soap dispensers to dinghies, the range of products you find at Boat Equipment Watersport is truly mind-boggling. The shop also stocks many Linssen-related products. Erwin: Any boating enthusiast can come to us and, nine times out of ten, they’ll find what they are looking for. If a product is out of stock or even discontinued, we will still try to find a solution.
We’ve built up a large network of suppliers and can often still get parts even for older Linssen model series. By the way, we are not only there for private individuals, we also serve other companies in the maritime sector.”

Would you like to know more about the services provided by Marine Service Schuller? Or would you like to find out whether Boat Equipment Watersport can supply the product you’re looking for? If so, please visit

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