01 Heritage

In essence, what we do at Linssen Yachts today is not much different from what Jac. Linssen did in his day. He, too, selected the best materials, used them efficiently and cared about the people, companies and associations around him. The only difference is that this is now called Responsible Business Conduct (RBC). We interpret this term in our own judicious way.

Conscious and responsible handling of raw materials, water, energy and waste streams has become automatic in our company. Take the high-quality materials we use in our interiors. These, like the steel that forms the foundation of our yachts, are fully recyclable. And not unimportantly: they are correct material flows whose origin we have fully traced. For example, we only use sustainable teak wood from tree plantations to prevent scarcity and deforestation.

Waste management has been an integral part of our business operations for years. All the waste streams within our production facilities are separated, broken up and disposed of for recycling. Plastic by plastic. Wood by wood. Steel by steel. Batteries are returned to the battery factory. We treat residual liquids from our coating processes, such as thinners, and reuse them for rinsing pipes, for example.

Our predecessors have always set us a good example. Their ideas on quality and sustainability have been passed down from generation to generation in our family business. And this will continue for generations to come.

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