05 Yachts

We live in a sharing economy in which people are members of communities of like-minded persons and increasingly make use of each other's possessions. This is a trend we embraced years ago by setting up our Linssen Boating Holidays® charter network. Their long lifespan and stable value makes our steel motor yachts eminently suitable for chartering. In this way, a Linssen owner can achieve a good return on his investment and let other people enjoy the sustainable qualities of his yacht.  

In addition to literally sharing yachts, we think it's important to exchange knowledge and experience as well. Using each other's knowledge is important in order to ensure smarter and faster innovation, including in the field of sustainability.

We share our knowledge with our customers, the Linssen owners, who often meet up in Linssen owners clubs. It's nice to see that from this solidarity they also support each other with help and advice when necessary. Offline and online.

Our company is driven by innovation. Learning from and with each other is important for continuous improvement. We therefore constantly invest in training for our employees as well as in knowledge updates and training courses for our dealers and service partners. And in initiatives to inspire school pupils at an early stage to consider a job in our manufacturing company.  

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