06 Quality

Slow down and start living is a phrase we often use at Linssen Yachts. With our steel displacement vessels, we have been offering a sustainable alternative to the fast-moving and energy-inefficient motor yachts for decades. We also wrote about it in the introduction. Steel is a product with a long lifespan and is fully recyclable. It is a conscious choice of material, as we build our yachts for the long term.

We choose the best quality as standard. Not only with steel, but also with the many other materials we use in our yachts. This choice of quality automatically means that our products require less maintenance and parts need to be replaced less frequently. Put simply, our yachts last longer, retain their value longer and therefore do less damage to the environment.      

It goes without saying that our production processes are also designed with the idea of "the better it is, the more sustainable it will be". Our Logicam lines, on which we build our yachts in modular form, are among the most efficient, compact and safe processes in Dutch yacht building. At every stage in the production process, we apply solutions that minimise waste and increase product quality. For example, we work a lot with prefabricated interior and technical modules and use reusable covers during the assembly process to protect floors, walls, etc.  

The better the product, the more sustainable. Linssen Yachts built on the Logicam production
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