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At Linssen, family means more than just the people who bear our surname. Family, that means our customers, colleagues, dealers, suppliers and neighbours. Together we make Linssen Yachts. We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves: with respect and genuine consideration, always interested to hear about someone's story or situation. In our view, there's no better basis for long-term cooperation.

We build our motor yachts with passion, but also with great care to create future-proof relationships. That, too, is responsible business conduct as far as we are concerned. As people are there for us, so we are there for them, not just within our company, but also outside.

We create a pleasant, safe working environment for our employees, in which everyone can use their valuable knowledge and experience. Even when things are not going well physically or mentally. Then we take responsibility and make the necessary changes. We do what we can to keep every "family member" on board.

Many employees have a long service record within our company. A colleague with many years of service is the rule rather than the exception. This stable workforce forms the solid foundation for the production of our high-quality products.

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