03 Environment

Our motor yachts give you the chance to move around in the most beautiful water areas in Europe and even beyond. For us, this is also about showing respect. Crossing a natural landscape at high speed with a noisy engine is not for Linssen. We make our yachts blend as smoothly as possible into the often unique environments in which they sail.

Our yachts do consume fossil fuels, but to an ever decreasing extent thanks to our economical and quiet engines. And this will only get less in the future, because our in-house engineers are working on the development of green, electric drive concepts.

At Linssen Yachts we are well aware that our business activities can have an impact on our immediate environment. We do everything we can to be a good neighbour and cause as little disturbance as possible. From an environmental point of view, we are constantly re-evaluating our production and logistics processes. If, for example, there are more energy-efficient and/or quieter alternatives available for the tools and machines we use to build our yachts, we will consider them.

For many years, we have also supported various local, regional and national clubs and initiatives that, like us, care about the flora and fauna in our beautiful waterland. To name a few examples: we adopt rescued seals from A Seal, a seal sanctuary in Stellendam, participate in the cleaning activities of the Maas Cleanup project and make one of our sites permanently available for the activities of the local water scouting club.

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