04 Production

Just as we take responsibility for our environment, we also take responsibility for our employees. They must be able to do their work in an environment that is safe, clean and healthy. This means, among other things, an indoor climate with sufficient daylight and an efficient supply of fresh air, especially in our coating halls. The machines and tools our employees use every day meet all safety requirements and are regularly fully maintained and inspected.

We attach great importance to creating an open and informal culture, in which people calling each other to account for their behaviour is the most normal thing in the world. This also contributes to the high level of safety awareness that prevails in our company. In that respect, we take good care of each other.

Safety consciousness is also part of the high-quality products we deliver. The safety of those on board is our top priority. Always. This is reflected in our designs, constructions, product layouts and core systems, based on the extremely strong hull shapes we use to ensure the high stability of our yachts.

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