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The Linssen Variotop® is the unique fully automatic folding roof that combines the interior helmsman’s position, the exterior helmsman’s position, bimini and flybridge to produce a single comfortable wheelhouse.

The Linssen Variotop® is a striking example of Linssen's in-house developments and is without a doubt one of the technical milestones in modern yacht building. The Linssen-Variotop® is therefore a symbol of the innovative power of Linssen Yachts and has been patented in a number of countries.

A yacht that feels like a roadster! With the Linssen Variotop®

What is the Variotop®?
Variotop® refers to an adjustable helmsman’s position on a motor yacht, with the following elements being connected interactively:
• an electrically operated folding hood which ensures that with one press of a button, you can enjoy the sun’s rays or shelter from the rain (without having to use fasteners or tenax fittings);
• comfortable sitting and standing with good all-round vision;
• continuously adjustable cockpit bench ensures unobstructed views for everyone;
• the highest level of the adjustable cockpit bench is such that the head of every helmsman can be brought ABOVE the level of the windscreen, therefore providing the best view and ensuring that the head is in the sun and wind in the case of fine weather;
• the folding section can be closed off by means of swinging doors;
• a luxurious dashboard with the instruments always conveniently located, irrespective of whether the helmsman is sitting or standing or whether he or she is tall or short;
• the wheel is in the correct position, irrespective of whether the helmsman is sitting or standing;
• the thrust handle is in a safe place and positioned ergonomically.

That is the Linssen Variotop®!

Linssen Variotop


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