Our people make Linssen Yachts. In this issue of Linssen Magazine, we are therefore happy to reserve space for the stories of employees who carry out their specialist work, often behind the...


“Wow” feeling
Jos: “When I walked in here on my first day of work, I really got this ‘wow’ feeling. Yachts, of course, are big compared to cars. The work process is also very different here. In the automotive industry, everything happens fast. Everything has to fit together perfectly. On an assembly line like that, you’re really talking about completing tasks in seconds. Here at Linssen, we work in an innovative way using the Logicam production method. Where you used to build a complete yacht in one place, the yachts now move in series past the various specialists who carry out their set of tasks. Only you don’t see any robots here, just traditional craftsmanship. Making something yourself, with your own hands, that’s just the best thing there is. Especially when you see the end result.”

Itinerant worker
Both metalworking and woodworking are in Jos’ family. His grandfather was a blacksmith in Spaubeek. After 18 years at Nedcar, Jos made the move to Linssen Yachts in 2007. Since 2014 he has spent most of his time working in the Preservation department. Jos: “They needed extra hands there. I learned things like filling and priming here on the shop floor. In addition, if I can, I carry out maintenance work and repairs on our machines myself.”

At Linssen Yachts, Jos is one of the few people who hops between different departments to do his job. If he’s not working in the Preservation department, he can be found in the Hull department, where his career at Linssen Yachts began. Jos: “I’m actually a kind of multitasker and I feel very comfortable in that role. If they need me in the Hull department at any time, I’ll just be scheduled there.”

Jos laughs: “This isn’t an unsolicited application, but if they ever want to ask me to go to another department, I wouldn’t immediately say no. I like variety. I think installing the engines is also very interesting. That’s because I’ve always tinkered a lot with cars in my spare time.”

Water sports and camping
Jos has always had a great affinity with water sports and sailing. Something that is of course a good thing when you work for a company like Linssen Yachts. Jos: “We often used to go to the Meuse lakes from Beek. I would go with my parents to what was then the De Kis beach in Stevensweert. Jet-skiing, water-skiing, taking a boat out on to the Meuse. That love of water has always stayed with me. I now have my own 5-metre motorboat, on which I enjoy the pleasure of sailing with my wife and two daughters.”

Another of Jos’ hobbies is going on holiday with the camper van. Jos: “I once built a camper van myself based on a bus with an old grey licence plate. We drove it across Europe for 13 years. We now have a ready-made camper van. Usually our boat also goes on holiday with us, on a trailer towed behind the camper van.”

Sailing a Linssen across Croatia
Four years ago Jos and his family chartered a Grand Sturdy 30.9 AC from Linssen Boating Holidays in Croatia. For two weeks they sailed the Croatian waterways together. Jos: “That was a really great experience. Croatia is a beautiful country anyway. If you can also explore it from the water with a genuine Linssen, it’s absolutely fantastic. We’ll definitely be doing that again in future. But if my daughters’ boyfriends have to come along as well, we’ll need a bigger Linssen.”

Enjoy life. That’s Jos’ motto. And he’s definitely going to do so even more, once his kids have left home in a couple of years. Jos: “Then I’ll go travelling in the camper van with my wife more often. And, of course, with our motorboat.”

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