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One of the many advantages of becoming a Linssen Owner or renting a Linssen through Linssen Boating Holidays (LBH) is the social involvement within the Linssen Owners’ Club and Cruising Group. These members are true brand ambassadors for Linssen, sharing experiences throughout the waterways of Europe and beyond.

When sailing a Linssen, most Owners stay onboard for an extended season. These are typically enjoyed in local, regional and continental waterways, resulting in limited pre-travel.

Local shopping of provisions near the waterways, often alongside quaint quayside shops, has always been a charming and involving way to experience a region and support local business. For those wishing to explore further inland, most Linssens have ample stowage room to accommodate folding bicycles.

With your individual space onboard, freedom to sail wherever and whenever you wish, a Linssen is a safe and hygienic mode of leisure travel. For those wishing to be more self-sustaining, solar panels on the roof provide an off-the-grid lifestyle, independent from infrastructure.

A Linssen Yacht is a comfortable and independent home, at anchor, at the quayside or at a riverbank.

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