During the Linssen Yachts Boat Show in late 2010, the Range Cruiser 430 Sedan Variotop® was the first of the new series to be presented with the ‘It’s me, your new Linssen’ campaign. The only Linssen yachts in the Sedan version with the unique Linssen Variotop®. A year later, the slightly larger Range Cruiser 450 Sedan was presented in both Wheelhouse and Variotop® versions. In the world of luxury yacht building, Linssen Yachts is known for its uncompromising commitment to quality, comfort and innovation. The Linssen Range Cruiser 430 and 450 Sedan were no exception to this rule; they represented the pinnacle of craftsmanship and technological advancement.

Linssen Range Cruiser 430 Sedan Variotop and Wheelhouse

The rising sheer curve and the aluminium bulwark with high-quality powder coating, ‘floating’ between the highly polished stainless steel railings, give each Range Cruiser a recognisable silhouette with a powerful presence. Add the unmistakable Linssen Variotop® and the picture of a timeless Linssen with modern appeal is complete.

The centre of your vessel

From the open cockpit, walk into the Variotop® wheelhouse with spacious L-shaped bench. You and your partner sit on the steering bench behind the convenient helmsman’s position, while children or friends sail along on the L-shaped bench and enjoy the scenery quietly gliding by. The wet bar means that everything is on hand to make even longer trips a pleasure.
Just a few steps down is the spacious L-shaped galley to starboard and facing it the dinette to port. Prepare dinner in comfort and enjoy a delicious meal together. The same level continues towards the front of the boat, where a roomy forward cabin with spacious double bed and side cabin with two single beds ensure a good night’s sleep for everyone. With separate shower and toilet, there is sufficient privacy for owner and guests from all angles. The 450 even allows for a fully private toilet and shower in the owners’ cabin, while guests use the shower/toilet combination in the forward corridor.


The designer transom was a real eye-catcher in the Range Cruiser. The integrated recessed alcove, finished in high-gloss lacquered teak, makes the boat exude class. The stern doors on both starboard and port sides provide comfortable access to the swimming platform with solid teak. If you had also opted for the hydraulically adjustable swimming platform, even launching the dinghy would have been a doddle.


On top of the standard version, the Range Cruiser was also available with the L-Class package that gave the yacht an even more unique appearance with its many high-gloss stainless steel and lacquered teak elements. For instance, the mast was made of stainless steel combined with luxurious glossy lacquered solid teak. The double bulwark around the entire vessel was fitted with an equally glossy lacquered solid teak gunwale accented with high-gloss stainless steel design bollards. The hand rails on the cabin deck were also varnished solid teak. A unique L-Class logo in high-gloss stainless steel completed the luxurious appearance on the gunwale and also acted as a protective frame at the railing opening.

Linssen L-class
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