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One of the first requirements of a comfortable yacht is an effective heating system. If there is one item in the yacht-building sector that exists in many versions, it is the heating system. Perhaps this is the influence of the housing sector in which many systems have also been used over the years.

A guiding principle for Linssen Yachts is learning from our customers and their and our own experiences. After listening to what they said, the following experiences and requirements emerged:

• Operation via the batteries in order to be independent, together with efficient electricity consumption
• Efficient in diesel consumption to generate heat
• Quiet both as regards exhaust and heat generation
• Short warming-up time, but also rapid additional heat if a door or hatch is open
• Simple and therefore user-friendly, precise temperature adjustment
• Reliable, low susceptibility to failure, low service intervals
• Easy to service and low maintenance costs, sufficient service possibilities
• Heat available everywhere, in every compartment but preferably also in the open cockpit or on the aft deck
• Demoisturising characteristics to reduce condensation
• Individual adjustment possibilities per compartment

When we studied this requirements package, we concluded that such a system was not yet available on the market. No sector innovations had been made in the heating system for quite some time. Systems from the housing market had been slavishly copied in miniature and used in yacht building, with all resulting consequences. Air heating systems have limited adjustment possibilities and require a limited number of air blowers, central heating systems take up a great deal of cupboard space and consume a lot of energy, floor heating systems are complex, sensitive and slow to respond, and systems based on air conditioning are noisy and require 230V.

After careful research, Linssen is now launching a revolutionary system: the Linssen CCH, or Linssen Compartment-Controlled Heating system. This system meets all the above requirements and may rightly be called ‘innovative’. The system is available starting from our 12-metre yachts and consists of 2 heating sources, 7 heat distributors, 2 digitally adjustable thermostats and operates independent of external sources on a combination of energy from the service battery set and diesel from the main fuel tank.

Every space has its own heat distribution point (two in the saloon/galley). There is one digital thermostat for the saloon/galley and one for the owner’s cabin, the other cabins and the toilets. As a result, the living space can be properly warmed during the day without having to close valves or taps in the cabins, and at night the cabins and sanitary facilities can be pleasantly warmed. It should not be forgotten that as a result of the digital thermostats, the heating automatically remains within the set temperature range. Another exceptional feature is that because of the insulated pipes, no heating is lost in spaces that do not need to be heated, so that the system is more precise, faster, more powerful and more efficient.
It is also possible to programme set heating periods, so that in the case of a longer stay, the transition from the day to the night system and vice versa is more pleasant. This has the advantage that the spaces are heated only if there is a need for such, without any energy inefficiency.

The Linssen CCH heating system therefore guarantees a quiet, efficient, powerful, low-energy, user-friendly, demoisturising and – particularly – pleasant heating system. And that is exactly what an experienced yacht owner is looking for.


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