In line with its ongoing commitment to greening and sustainability, and as part of the 'Zero Emission Timeline' that Linssen Yachts is aiming for by 2030, a total of 552 solar panels were installed on the company's steel hull construction hall this year.

These solar panels have a combined output of 257 megawatt hours (mWh), allowing Linssen Yachts to offset a significant portion of its own power consumption.

Through this sustainable investment, Linssen Yachts reinforces its commitment to environmentally friendly practices and contributes to a cleaner future. The 552 solar panels will not only contribute to reducing the company's carbon footprint, but also illustrate Linssen Yachts' commitment to reducing its environmental impact and striving for a greener future for recreational boating.

In the past year, Linssen Yachts has also started fuelling new yachts with GTL diesel (Gas to Liquid) for cleaner combustion, LED lighting in almost the entire boatyard with sensors that ensure the light is on only where it is needed and application of infrared heating to heat very targeted areas.

Linssen Yachts remains committed to innovation and sustainability, and this recent installation of solar panels is a tangible part of that.

552 Solar panels on the Linssen steel construction hall
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