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Saturday 28 April, the day after King'sDay, members of the 'Koninklijke Nederlandsche Motorboot Club' (Royal Dutch Motorboat Club) visited Linssen Yachts in Maasbracht. As part of the annual opening of the sailing season, the KNMC had opted for Maasbracht this year.

Saturday was marked by two interesting visits: the Maasbracht lock complex, with the control centre and the Linssen Yachts shipyard. The majority of the 100 members present visited both companies. Divided into groups of about 15 people, the guests were escorted through the facility.

Lunch in the afternoon was enjoyed together in the showroom of Linssen Yachts, where the delicious asparagus soup and sandwiches of caterer Thijs Wolfhagen were well received. After lunch, the programme continued with the guided tours.
The visit was a collaboration between the municipality of Maasgouw, Fransbergen Recreation and Tourism, Rijkswaterstaat, Rederij Cascade, the Maas Inland Waterways Museum, Linssen Yachts and Boulevard Nautique Roermond.

KNMC bezoekt Linssen Yachts

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