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On 16 November, we heralded in our anniversary year, 2019, together with 600 guests.
It was a great evening, full of highlights. These included the speech given by Michael Steenhoff (Hiswa association), the personal congratulations from our mayor Stef Strous, the launch of our new Grand Sturdy 450 Variotop® and of course all of this in the presence of our 97-year-old founder and granddad, Jac. Linssen. How he enjoyed it! And so did we. Hearing from all of you, the compliments you paid to our company, products and people.

There are plenty of fun activities on the programme this anniversary year. Follow our social media and website to find out more and register for one or more activities.

The starting shot for these activities was fired on our stand at BOOT Düsseldorf, where we first congratulated the BOOT team (Petros Michelidakis, Arne von Heimendahl and Viktoria Marx) on their 50th anniversary and then drank a toast, with out guests, to 70 years of Linssen.

Now we’re back in the office. Another BOOT Düsseldorf is over. It lasted nine days, 3,600 people visited our stand and we made many new contacts, but there were also customers who came to tell us how much they enjoyed their Linssen and that they couldn’t wait until spring came round again. (Of course, we fully agree!)

For us, it’s just a different world. In Maasbracht everything of course continued to run smoothly, but the Sales and Boating Holidays team were “off-line” for a while. Every morning, together with our international dealers, we would clean up the stand (yes, they can really all vacuum and wash up!), discuss any new contacts and enthusiastically welcome a whole stream of people and stimulate their passion for water sports. It’s a week that takes a lot of energy out of you, but gives you at least as much energy back.

We are - at the time of writing - in the run-up to the Belgian Boat Show in Ghent, Suisse Nautic in Bern and our own “Collection Weekend” in Maasbracht. By the time you read this, we will just have finished them all. Then we’ll be preparing for the now traditional Linssen In-Water Boat Show, this year from 5 - 8 April. A large part of our product range is in the water to provide a “taster” of what it’s like on a Linssen. Our latest Grand Sturdy 450 Variotop® will also be in the water and can be sailed for the first time.

Before we start the sailing season again there are some snow-related activities on our (private) schedule. We’re off for a week’s skiing with the family in Switzerland (Mathijs and Sophie can’t wait) and then all the way to Austria for the wedding of niece Nicole (Wendy’s twin sister, known to most people as “LBH Wendy”). Once we’re back (end of March), it’s time to go sailing. We’ll be making plans for this summer. Will it be Zeeland again? The Belgian coast? Or maybe Friesland? There’s nothing better than making travel plans, but will they work out? We’ll find out in August.

Of course, we’d also like to hear about your travel plans for the upcoming season. Will it be big plans or just the same tour as other years? Would you like to share your story with us and all of Linssen Magazine’s readers? If so, please contact us at

If you’re going to be passing near Maasbracht in your boat or car, our doors will be open for you and the coffee will be ready!

We wish you a nice start to the season!

Yvonne Linssen


"A powered hatch in the saloon lifts up to reveal a spotless machinery space with acres of space".

Motor boat & Yachting, Vol 167; May 2019 - Jack Haines on the Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop

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