Linssen Grand Sturdy 290 AC Traveller

The Grand Sturdy 290 AC Traveller is a unique new yacht, designed aspecially for the charter industry. Inside it is a Grand Sturdy 290 AC. Aditionally the stern section is fitted with the unique 'Variobox'. with towing space for as many as four (e-)bikes, which can be taken on and off the boat at convenient quay level via the swimming platform. The boat has fully-fledged accommodation for four persons and can produce two extra berths in the saloon. The spacious aft deck is a comfortable outdoor relaxation area with excellent 360° vision, the perfect place for breakfast or dinner on deck, enjoying a drink or whatever takes your fancy.

This Variobox is designed for easy storing your (e-)bikes. Even the power outlets for charging your bikes battery are integrated in the Variobox.


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Linssen Yachts Image Movie

Linssen Yachts Image movie


Grand Sturdy 30.0 Series


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