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Since this year, the production of steel motor yachts at Linssen Yachts in Maasbracht has become even more efficient. The production lines and processes had already been redesigned and it was the turn of the warehouse during the holidays. Partly thanks to a new roller conveyor, the staff can work more efficiently, more ergonomically and more environmentally friendly. And more punctual than ever. However, the warehouse first had to be drastically modified.

The redesign of the central warehouse on Brouwersstraat street meant a major change within the Linssen boatyard, where some 30 to 35 yachts are continuously in production. The warehouse was converted into a 'Logimag', a warehouse (‘magazijn’ in Dutch) that is fully equipped for efficient logistics and operations. It fits in perfectly with Linssen Yachts' Logistics and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (Logicam) flow production technology.

Redesign was necessary
Logicam processes made the production of the yachts more efficient, faster and more sophisticated over the years. This meant that products and parts were increasingly needed just in time. A redesign was necessary. It was therefore high time to improve the warehouse and work processes and to make way for a large roller conveyor for packages and pallets.

Advantages of roller conveyor
The roller conveyor increases efficiency. As a result, incoming packages with materials can be unpacked, checked and booked in the order 'first in first out' (FIFO). That fact that the materials roll back automatically is convenient, as it means that the warehouse employees can store everything in the right place in one go. This saves a lot of time. Pallets with materials can also be unpacked, checked and booked in FIFO order on the roller conveyor. At the end of the conveyor, a lifting table has been built in. This allows warehouse employees to unpack the pallets at their own working height in an ergonomically responsible manner.

Other improvements
In order to create space for the new roller conveyor, obsolete materials were sold and a separate after-sales warehouse was set up. In addition, walls were moved and scaffolding was arranged more logically, also with a view to greater efficiency. All the materials needed for one yacht will be stored together from now on. This means that staff will spend less time having to search. For this reason, task-oriented working has been introduced in the warehouse. Only the materials for one specific task are brought to the production line and not all at once. This also results in less waste on the shop floor. In addition, a packing table has been placed in order to prepare materials for dispatch more quickly. And last but not least: we now work digitally – paperless – in the warehouse, which is good for the environment!

More punctual than ever
The more efficient design of the warehouse and the work processes allow the current crew to continue with the warehouse work. What's more, the work is now being carried out more punctually and in a more sophisticated manner than ever before!

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