Perfected down to the last detail. This applies not only to the luxury steel motor yachts that we design and make with great attention to detail at Linssen Yachts. Our pursuit of perfection is reflected in all the steps you take as a future Linssen owner: from the very first introduction to our company to our after-sales service. We take your pleasure extremely seriously. And that pleasure starts long before you actually visit our showroom in Maasbracht. That’s why we have carefully mapped out for you the journey you will be taking with a new Linssen as your destination. Among other things, you can expect the following from us.

1. You are introduced to Linssen Yachts

The purchase of a pleasure yacht like the ones we make at Linssen Yachts is a purchase that you won’t make overnight. You prepare everything well. As do we for our part. Of course we will give you sound purchasing advice, an extensive tour of our production facilities, a detailed tour of your favourite models, a clear explanation of the possibilities and technical details and a well-founded valuation of your current yacht, if any. And, of course, this is followed by a clear quotation.

But it’s often the little things that make the difference. The details. Such as arranging transport to and from a train station or airport. Booking a hotel. Or arranging a test sailing in the yacht that will make your heart beat faster. We’ll take care of all that for you, too.

  • Shuttle service
  • Hotel booking service
  • Boatyard tour
  • Test sailing
  • Trade-in valuation

2. Your yacht gets built

By then you’ll have made the purchase decision. A period of “anticipation” will then begin for you. For us, it’s the period of building according to our innovative Logicam production method. But also a period of informing and communicating with you as a customer. At Linssen Yachts, we set great store by open and clear communication with our clients before, during and after the construction process.

Our project manager is your regular contact person and keeps you informed of progress. But you are also always welcome to visit your yacht under construction in Maasbracht. The delivery date that we agree with you is as solid as a rock: nothing will get in the way of it.

  • Clear order acknowledgement
  • Punctual delivery date
  • Transparent building process
  • Viewing your yacht during construction

3. Your yacht gets delivered

Before the official handover of your new yacht can take place on the agreed date, we carry out a number of thorough quality checks and tests. Your yacht is checked on a large number of points, carefully cleaned on the outside and inside and also rigorously tested in operation. At Linssen Yachts, we leave nothing to chance. We carry out multiple test sailings and test sessions, including a detailed check of all installed equipment.

We can also help you with all sorts of other matters that arise further down the line when it comes to owning a Linssen yacht. This could involve, for example, providing a sailing training course, a course in VHF or navigation equipment and assisting with applying for special documents or registering VHF numbers. During this introductory period, you will have a free mooring in our own boatyard.

  • Comprehensive quality checks and tests
  • Exterior and interior cleaning
  • Official handover
  • Sailing training (customised if necessary)
  • Free mooring at boatyard
  • Help with VHF and special documents

4. After you’ve bought it

Our service doesn’t stop after we deliver your new yacht to you by water or road. In the event of damage or malfunction, we offer you the best possible service throughout Europe via our network of Linssen Service Partners. This also covers periodic maintenance. Reassurance you will enjoy if you have purchased a Linssen.

After-sales includes even more additional services. For example, we can arrange a summer or winter berth for you, have your yacht washed and cleaned regularly or send an interior stylist to visit you to give personal advice on interiors and colours. You will also have the opportunity to join the Linssen Yachts Owners’ Association and take part in regular organised sailing trips.

  • Interior styling
  • Transport service
  • Maintenance service
  • Damage and repair service
  • Cleaning and washing
  • Arranging berths

And much more besides ...
Of course, we can’t mention everything: there are too many points in our Linssen Journey to list here. In other words, you get so much more if you decide to purchase a Linssen.