Just imagine: mooring spontaneously and going ashore. No bridges en route to restrict your freedom and oceans of space on board. Perhaps you as a sailor occasionally toyed with the idea of exchanging your sailing boat for a motor yacht. That switch is not easy if sailing has always been your great passion. We understand that at Linssen Yachts. At the same time, we are convinced that you will not regret it. Our steel motor yachts in the Grand Sturdy, SL or Variotop series offer you a splendid boating life after sailing.

Go where you want

If you have sailed throughout Europe, you will not yet have seen 70% of the inland waterways. A voyage of discovery through the Frisian lake area or the wine-growing regions along the Saar, Moselle and Rhine. Mooring in the Port de l'Arsenal in the glittering heart of Paris or in one of the marinas in Berlin Spandau at just a stone’s throw from the centre. With a Linssen motor yacht, you can plan your own voyage and criss-cross the entire continent. Your boating area will be increased and, moreover, the sailing season will be extended. The superior comfort on board means far more peace and quiet and more time to take in the surroundings. The wind is no longer relevant. You decide yourself where you wish to berth and you can go ashore to discover the most wonderful locations. It’s as simple as that! 

No more heavy physical efforts

Sailing means working, which is also one of the delights of having a sailing boat. Hoisting the mainsail, furling the headsail, adjusting the sheets and, last but not least, anchoring. The tasks on board are often physically demanding, and the older you get, the more difficult they become. Let’s be honest, the transition to a Linssen is a huge step – in a positive sense. You continue to enjoy life on the water, but in a different way. Totally relaxed and at a much slower pace.

Manoeuvring with the greatest ease
Linssen motor yachts are renowned for their excellent stability, wonderful manoeuvrability and easy navigability. Whereas manoeuvring with a sailing boat requires navigation expertise, handling a Linssen yacht is real child’s play. In that respect we make it as easy and comfortable as possible, e.g. by equipping all our Grand Sturdy models with a bow thruster as a standard feature.

Grand Sturdy 30.0: the small but spacious model
It’s a characteristic of all Linssen Grand Sturdy yachts: the sophisticated spacious layout, so that even the 'small' Grand Sturdy 30.0 (9.70 x 3.35 x 1.00 m) feels large and roomy. Available in the AC version with a luxurious saloon and two spacious cabins, both equipped with a double bed. Available in de Sedan version with a large cockpit instead of a second cabin and therefore far more living space.

Don’t follow – lead!

Leadership is a consequence of expertise, of authenticity and remaining true to yourself, whatever’s going on around you. You recognise that because of your success in business. The new Linssen Grand Sturdy is a born leader. The flagship of our high-quality steel motor yachts is sailing in the wake of its predecessors. At the same time, it exceeds the previous model series on all fronts. The design is elegant and timeless. It is powerful with low-noise characteristics in the engine room. The construction is well thought out and sustainable, and the interior is spacious and complete.

The new Grand Sturdy series has been built to lead. Are you its helmsman?

Test sailing with a Linssen motor yacht

A test sailing with one of our new or pre-owned yachts is always possible by appointment. This will allow you to experience for yourself the excellent sailing characteristics, the low noise levels and the space and conveniently arranged interiors of our yachts. If the yacht of your dreams is not immediately available for a test sailing, a comparable yacht of a similar class is always available.

Contact one of our sales staff now at the boatyard or your local agent for the possibilities. info@linssenyachts.com