The interior design is a symbiosis of select American cherry wood, soft beige colours, sweet-smelling beige leather, chrome and stainless steel features and an elegant floor (a shade darker) with black striping. The natural colours and materials create a positive ambience on board. The doors, panels, ceilings and coving have matte black accent lines and design frames. We have christened the new Linssen ‘9’ style the FPS® (Floating Panel System). The exceptional shading (the optically floating panels) of the system put the Grand Sturdy series interior into a separate class...

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The interior of the Grand Sturdy series comes standard with the Linssen styling system: the patented Floating Panel System (FPS® System).

What is the ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes the Grand Sturdy series such a success? The answer is as subtle as the interior itself: the interior design is neutral! The designers had no intention of imposing a particular style on purchasers. On the contrary. The basic design is so neutral that everyone, whether young or old, can identify with it. Traditional or modern? Cool and elegant or loud and flamboyant? Traditional nautical features or cutting-edge design? You can combine it all at will, and your unique Grand Sturdy series boat will be the pleasing result.


"The Variotop roof allows you to absorb your surroundings in glorious exposure".

Motor boat & Yachting, Vol 167; May 2019 - Jack Haines on the Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop

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