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The production for the Locaboat Pénichette motor yachts is running at full speed. And every month several of the yachts are being delivered to a Locaboat base. Here is a transport of two yachts that took place this week.

The new yacht is compact in terms of external dimensions and yet provides a very spacious interior. The design was based on one idea, as logical as it is simple: the skipper and his crew don't want "to sail around with bedrooms" during the day. Quite the opposite! They want the entire surface area and the entire capacity of the boat to be 100% available for accommodation during the day, while sailing and when moored during mealtimes and the happy hour. The layout has therefore been designed around the revolutionary concept of a “Day & Night Mode Configuration”.

A way was found to place all the accommodation on one level. There are only two tiny steps from the aft cockpit to the interior and one step from the interior to the forward cockpit and vice versa. The entire centre section between the forward and the aft cockpit is therefore on one level and "day mode" forms one pleasant, large living space.

In "night mode", this large room can be divided by two smoothly sliding partitions which place the toilet and shower compartments in a sort of sluice between the two sleeping cabins. Each sleeping cabin has a double bed which is converted from the L-shaped bench seat in a couple of seconds.


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