Recently, Linssen Yachts has invested in and installed a new hi-tech veneer edging machine  to use in their yard's internal furniture factory, where the pre-fabrication and assembly of the entire interior for all Linssen models takes place.

The new CNC machine - custom-built in New Zealand - is capable of automatically finishing the ends of the free-form panels, such as curves, ellipses and multi-formed shapes, with a 2 mm thick veneer strip. The machine delivers a high quality veneer to a standard that cannot be achieved by hand.

Linssen Yachts deliberately chooses to provide interior elements with curves. This not only creates a harmonious and stylish, quiet interior but in addition the rounded corners are functional . They ensure that the crew and their guests can move safely through the ship, even when the water is rougher.

The investment in the new CNC machine improves quality, safety and efficiency, making Linssen Yachts even more attractive.