Since the autumn of 2017, Linssen Yachts has been building the Pénichette Évolution, which has been developed specially for Locaboat Holidays. Following the test phase in the summer of 2017, series production commenced of the first order for 18 and the follow-up order for 10 more of these yachts. In the past year, regular deliveries have been made to various charter locations of Locaboat in different countries and many guests have already sailed on these boats.

Spring this year, as many as seven Pénichette Évolutions left the boatyard simultaneously in Maasbracht for transport to France. Two were for the Locaboat location in Argens-Minervois, two for Bram and one for Agen, Saint-Léger-sur-Dheune and Briare respectively. This season, the yachts will be added to the charter fleet at these bases.

The Pénichette Évolution has a unique layout with both a day and a night mode. During the day, the complete interior and exterior space is available for a comfortable stay on board, while at night separate sleeping cabins are created by two sliding walls. Guests have responded very positively.

The Pénichette Évolution is driven by the Linssen Integrated Propulsion and Power Configuration® (LIPPCON®). This is the low-noise electric propulsion system, which is powered by a diesel generator. Both the engine and the bow and stern thruster engines are operated by a single smart joystick that automatically and proportionately directs the power of the three engines as required for the desired direction of travel and manoeuvre. As a result, the yacht is not only very suitable for any inexperienced charter guests, but also for experienced skippers.