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All our offers are without obligation. Offers are made subject to changes in prices and products, changes to interior and exterior drawings, equipment tables and basic information as well as any textual errors. Illustrations, colours, descriptions and information relating to dimensions, characteristics, etc. are given as approximations only and are not binding.

The prices of all models in the Linssen Grand Sturdy Series are inclusive of the three-year Linssen Yachts Warranty Plan and a full delivery package. This package consists of full fuel tank(s), commissioning, testing and setting the built-in accessories and navigational equipment, fully worked-out test programme, thorough technical instruction and river trial during the handover at the boatyard, set of ship’s papers (including comprehensive owner manual, system description and electrical diagrams), complete inventory, set of spares, touch-up sticks, holding tank fluid and spare light bulbs. You can obtain full information on all Linssen yachts from our boatyard or your Linssen Yachts dealer.

The illustrations on this website show optional versions which are not part of our standard range. For further information, please contact the boatyard or your Linssen Yachts dealer.

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