Linssen 30 SL AC

Passion, endurance, and refinement: the SL is the mark of a Linssen that has been developed for the most discerning enthusiasts of sporting lifestyle.

SL is an acronym for Sport Luxury. For the SL, the Linssen Yachts prototyping & engineering team worked in close co-operation with KesselsGranger DesignWorks to create a series of yachts that combine the unmistakably luxurious Linssen identity with enhancements that adhere to the greatest sporting traditions.

As fitting with the sporting philosophy, the main character lines of the yacht have been accentuated. The exterior design is hallmarked by details that are unique to the SL series.

One of the most notable characteristics of the SL design is the floating roof. This has been achieved by finishing the saloon window frames and posts in anthracite, which visually connect the glasshouse as one element and separates it from the roof.

This styling treatment reflects the heritage and lineage of previous Linssen S generations (SE / SX) with an avant-garde evolution.

Linssen SL colour options


The anthracite-coloured rear sections of the saloon tumblehome provide the perfect backdrop for the contrasting stainless wing-shaped nameplates. These nameplates have an additional anthracite inlay for the meticulously detailed Linssen SL logo, which is finished in stainless steel.
As with the saloon windows, the portholes have also been masked with anthracite to visually reduce the amount of individual shapes and enhance the length of the yacht.

Great care has been applied to the design of the stainless steel railing. The aft section is curved for a powerful yet elegant appearance. In accordance to this theme, the rear wind protection panels of the AC have a unique shape with a subtly curved profile and sculpted surface treatment.

The sheerline of the yacht is accentuated by a PVC fender, resulting in a sleek and purposeful profile. The rounded end caps of the lower fender line, which runs to the swim platform, have been finished in black for optimal integration.

Visually raising the bow out of the water, the swept bowline emphasises the shape of the hull for a more powerful aesthetic.

Further details include the unique engine vent, bearing the Sport Luxury script that is engraved in stainless steel. 



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Basic specifications

Basic SpecificationLinssen 30 SL AC
LOA x beam overall x draft± 9,70 x 3,30 x 1,00 m
Minimum air draft:± 2,45 m
Headroom FC/saloon/AC:± 1,83 / 1,94 / 1,87 m
CE-classification:C (coast)
Tank capacity± 240 ltr diesel fuel
Water capacity± 220 ltr
Holding tank capacity± 240 ltr
Weight/displacement:± 8.000 kg / ± 8 m3
Engine Linssen 30 SL AC1x 4 cil. Volvo Penta Diesel
Type D2-50; 1x 37,5 kW (50 HP)
Emission compliance: EPA Tier 3, EU RCD Stage II, BSO II

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Linssen SL series
Excl BTW/VATincl 21% BTW/VAT
Linssen 30 SL AC€ 218.400,-€ 264.300,-
Linssen 30 SL Sedan€ 215.200,-€ 260.400,-
Linssen 35 SL AC€ 259.400,-€ 313.900,-
Linssen 35 SL Sedan€ 256.300,-€ 310.100,-
Linssen 40 SL AC€ 418.000,-€ 505.800,-
Linssen 40 SL Sedan€ 412.700,-€ 486.200,-

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