If you are considering taking a first step in the world of boating, our smallest Grand Sturdy 30.0 is your perfect introduction. A Linssen yacht is characterised mainly by its excellent sailing characteristics. And that’s what it’s all about of course: reliable technology, fantastic stability and easy manoeuvrability. In other words: carefree sailing.

The Grand Sturdy 30.0 is suitable for exploring all the inland waterways, rivers, canals and lakes in Europe. Many towns and cities are traditionally located on water, which means your can often moor your boat right in the centre.
Needless to say, you are not restricted to inland waterways. If you wish to go further afield, you can easily take a roundabout route to your destination along the sheltered coast.

AC or Sedan?
Do you want to steer inside or outside? What is the composition of your crew? Do you like a nice sheltered seating area close to the water or do you prefer to look out across the marina from the aft deck?
These are choices that help you decide whether an AC or Sedan version is better for you.

In the case of both versions, the saloon is the interior living area. Compact, but amazingly spacious for a 9-metre yacht. It has a galley and cupboards on the port side and a good-sized bench on the starboard side. The Sedan version also has the comfortable helmsman’s position on the starboard side.

Both the forward and aft cabins of the AC version have a double bed. Comfort for four people in other words. Are two sleeping berths sufficient to meet your needs? If so, the Sedan version may be an option. The wide, double, outward-opening doors allow you to transform the saloon and open cockpit into one large space.
Whichever alternative you may choose, it's always very easy to convert the saloon bench seat into a comfortable double bed using the Linssen Easy Sleep Convert System.

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