Linssen Partners

Linssen Yachts works with many suppliers. Both locally and – if necessary – further away. We always strive to look for local companies to minimize transport and environmental impact. For some specific components are not available locally and then Linssen opts for the best solution and that is the best supplier that we can find.

We also have entrepreneurs in Maasbracht, our home town, and the Dutch province of Limburg that support us with things like photography, videography, the lunch that you receive upon your visit, the wine and catering or the hotel that you are staying in. All important factors and companies that help us deliver the best experience to you, our valued customer. 

Zebra Fotostudio'sZebra Fotostudio's
Have you seen a Linssen Yachts photo online or in print? Chances are that Peter de Ronde of Zebra Fotostudio’s in Venlo was behind the lens. Peter has been our regular photographer since the early...
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Slagerij Wolfhagen butchersSlagerij Wolfhagen butchers
Anyone familiar with our boat shows and other events will also be aware of the culinary attributes of Slagerij Wolfhagen butchers from Maasbracht. Previous visitors will have undoubtedly already sampled the most delicious dishes from...
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The Kalfire E-one designer fireplace:The Kalfire E-one designer fireplace:
During our Advent weeks at the end of last year and our Winter weeks in February, they created the warm atmosphere in our showroom that we needed more than ever. We are talking about the...
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World-famous Meissen porcelain manufactoryWorld-famous Meissen porcelain manufactory
The name Meissen needs no further introduction. Europe’s oldest porcelain manufacturer with the famous maker’s mark of crossed swords, is known all over the world. This makes the cooperation between Linssen Yachts and the company...
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Hotel Restaurant de RoosterhoeveHotel Restaurant de Roosterhoeve
Hotel-Restaurant de Roosterhoeve and Linssen Yachts have enjoyed a good relationship for many years. The Linssens are very happy to refer customers coming long distances to visit the boatyard or the showroom to this hotel...
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Baeten VinopolisBaeten Vinopolis
Baeten Vinopolis, a passionate family business founded in 1935, works closely with family businesses, such as Linssen Yachts. This makes the bond with them even more personal.
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Artisan Baker DieterenArtisan Baker Dieteren
Maasbracht is home to Linssen Yachts. That’s where we work daily with passion on the development and production of our yachts. We feel closely involved with our neighbours and like to work with local business...
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