Safety has been a fixed principle in everything we do at Linssen Yachts for more than 70 years. Safety is in the behaviour of our people, in the way we produce and in the high-quality yachts we deliver. In these special times, in which guaranteeing everyone's safety is more important than ever, we can reassure you above all.

Spend your leisure time safely with a Linssen

If you are familiar with water sports, then you know that sailing has always complied with the rules for the new normal. It is a responsible leisure activity in which you enjoy your freedom and the environment in which you travel in a comfortable way. Moreover, always at a sufficient distance from others. In that respect, boating is the perfect hobby to practise in the 1.5-metre society.   

Now that the possibility to go on holiday still seems far away, owning a yacht can provide that more than welcome holiday feeling. Owning a yacht does not have to be permanent. Through Linssen Boating Holidays, for example, you can get a taste of Linssen and rent a luxury Linssen yacht in your own country. This way, you are never physically far from home, but feel all the more so. Incidentally, you can always get a taste of Linssen by taking a trial run from our wharf harbour.  

A safe investment in a Linssen

Safety is not only in the sailing characteristics, in the ergonomics and in the design of our yachts. We also offer you safety when you buy a Linssen yacht. It is well known that our yachts retain their value even after 5 years*. Few investments that are so sound, even in these uncertain times. We will be happy to tell you more about it. 

Safe contact with Linssen

A visit to Linssen Yachts can be done safely. Using the modern tools at our disposal, we can even provide you with the ultimate Linssen experience from a distance.

If you wish to purchase a new or used Linssen, you would of course prefer to visit our shipyard and showroom in Maasbracht. That too is possible. At our location, we strictly comply with all applicable safety measures. We also follow these rules when carrying out all other work, such as the delivery of our yachts in the Netherlands and abroad.

* SE&O. Past results offer no guarantee for the future. There are many factors that influence the resale value of your yacht. Technical condition, maintenance, model, type, version