Finland is often called the ‘land of a thousand lakes’. That’s not surprising, because there really are a lot of them! In fact the Finnish landscape is defined by lakes and the sea. And what could be nicer than escaping the bustle of the city and simply enjoying the peace and quiet on board a splendid yacht?

Diesel-electric propulsion
The new Dutch Sturdy 310 is equipped with diesel-electric propulsion. A low-noise generator provides the power supply to the electric motor and bow and stern thruster. The Linssen LIPPCON system has been developed specially for this purpose.

Linssen Integrated Propulsion and Power Configuration.
The core of the Lippcon system consists of an Onan diesel generator, which has a capacity of 17.5 kW with a consumption of 1.3 to 6.5 litres per hour.

This diesel generator runs consistently at 1,500 revolutions in a properly insulated housing. As a result, noise and vibrations are kept to a minimum.
The generator provides the 400 V alternating current for the electric motor that drives the propeller shaft and the 400 V electric motors for the bow and stern thrusters.
LIPPCON® thinks for you and supplies you with the desired power at the times when you need it. Consequently, switching on your induction cooker, microwave/oven or other appliances is never a problem.

Day and night mode
The entire interior of the Dutch Sturdy 310 has been created on one level. In the day mode, you can sit comfortably on one of the two luxurious benches. Helmsman’s position, galley and toilet are easily accessible for all those on board.

In the night mode, both L-shaped benches can easily be converted into double beds. When the sliding partitions between the compartments are closed, two sleeping cabins are created, and guests in both cabins can use the toilet and shower in the space between.

The layout with day and night mode has been designed in such a way that both during sailing and enjoying life on board during the day and during sleeping at night, all available space and surface is used to the full.

Handover of the Dutch Sturdy 310 to the Saimaacharter-team:

Pictures of the Dutch Sturdy 310:

Let yourself dream away or be inspired by the vast clear lakes, dotted with islands, narrow strips of land and green headlands.

The Lake Saimaa area is a maze of blue water and green islands, which together make up the largest lake district in Europe. Because of the many stretches of open water, the close connections between them and the many islands, it is difficult to believe that Lake Saimaa really is the largest natural freshwater lake in Finland and the fourth largest in Europe.

With its fantastic landscapes and shores, Lake Saimaa is a breathtakingly beautiful destination for unforgettable holidays. The splendid region and exceptional local events attract thousands of visitors to this hospitable area every year. The varied landscape, dotted with islands, is the perfect setting for leisurely boat trips. In the summer, holidaymakers can enjoy the Saimaa region from the calm blue waters. Come and experience the most wonderful lake district in the world: Saimaa!

The islands and peninsulas of Saimaa are sanctuary to a variety of bird life, particularly waterfowl and those migrating to the huge feeding grounds in the wetlands of Lapland. From a boat, the lake offers wide, open lines of sight to birds as large as the extraordinary white-tailed sea eagle.

The list of Finnish wildlife found around Saimaa could fill a book, but while on its lakes, keep your eyes peeled for the telltale signs of the industrious beaver, and of the critically endangered Saimaa ringed seal. Beavers can have a huge effect on water systems they belong to and even if you don’t see one, you might still see trees they’ve felled or lodges they’ve built. As for Saimaa’s seals, there are only a few hundred left in the world, all in Saimaa, but the locals and visitors love the sight of them bobbing in the water or sunning themselves on rocks.

With its idyllic scenery, Finland’s nature is of great important to Finnish society and culture. Outdoor activities are available everywhere in Saimaa, but here in Lakeland the real place to be is on the water!

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