The new Linssen spray booths have been positioned so that freshly blast cleaned hulls can be transported under cover to the spray booth. One spectacular detail of Linssen Yachts‘ new preservation halls is the underfloor heating system. An unimaginably long heating circuit has been laid involving a total of almost 3 km of heating lines in a mirror-smooth concrete floor 20 cm thick!
The secret behind the Linssen Yachts application has always been the fact that throughout the entire coating process, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the hulls are kept warmer than the ambient air to prevent condensation from forming. Whenever coats of paint are applied to a hull which is colder than the ambient air the inevitable formation of condensation is likely to cause problems.

Even the most expensive paints lose their value when they are applied inexpertly or within an unsuitable infrastructure. When, in order to save money, a heating system is turned down to a low level at night and turned up again in the morning, this is especially bad for the coating of a steel yacht. Thanks to the underfloor heating system, Linssen hulls are, so to speak, permanently kept on a heating plate which never cools down. This saves energy while improving the quality of the product and process. At Linssen Yachts, coating technology is approached in a scientific manner. By yacht building standards, our infrastructure and working methods could therefore be described as almost ‘clinical’!

Our advice is visit the companies behind the brand names of your choice and ask them specifically for detailed information on coating, the method of application and the technical facilities they have at their disposal. Make an objective comparison with Linssen Yachts… and then decide for yourself.

Linssen coating systems.
Almost clinical by yacht building standards