Anyone buying a Linssen yacht usually wants to get years of pleasure from it. And that’s precisely our intention: we take your pleasure seriously. You won’t be rid of us after you make your purchase. It’s now second nature to us to provide an after-sales service and answer questions from Linssen owners. Starting this year, we will be making our service even better. From now on, independent Linssen-trained after-sales specialists will take care of your precious possession across Europe. 

Over the years, Linssen Yachts has built around 3,000 steel motor yachts. About 2,700 of them are still actively sailing and still in good condition, even the oldest ones. The majority of these yachts - about 2,500 - are within a radius of 1,000 km around the boatyard.

Awaking from hibernation around Easter
Most boats are woken up from their “hibernation” in the weeks before and after Easter. Around this time they are usually launched into the water, in accordance with good nautical practice. It’s understandable that the ups and downs of your beloved possession are extremely important to you at that time of year. It’s then that we receive many questions about, for example, parts, winter lay-up problems, maintenance, add-ons and upgrades. Everyone likes to make sure that their boat is in perfect condition and in the water, ready to start again. And that’s the way it should be!

Focus on building new yachts
Building new yachts has required more and more specialisation in recent years. This is due to technological advances, nautical regulations and the enormous complexity of the product. As well as hard to find bought-in parts, labour shortages and the social and legal obligations that we as a company are required to meet. A certain range of activities is commensurate with a certain scale. That’s why Linssen Yachts has decided to focus on building new yachts. We want to be even better at what we can do very well.

After-sales by specialists
What about after-sales? In our opinion, this activity also requires specialisation. That’s why we have been working for many years with experienced after-sales specialists who operate throughout Europe. They are in frequent contact with our after-sales support at the Maasbracht boatyard. They are also trained and kept up to date by the brand dealers of the parts we use, such as Volvo Penta, Mastervolt, Victron, Raymarine, Webasto and other brands.

Qualified Linssen Service Partner
Our plan for the next few years is to select and train qualified service companies that will focus entirely on your Linssen. Specialists who know your yacht inside out and provide the service you are used to from us. With 2,500 Linssen yachts in operation, we can no longer continue to provide this high standard of service ourselves. This includes regular maintenance, repairs, warranty work, on-call service, parts, refits, add-ons, cleaning, maintenance advice and winter lay-up. After-sales service is a separate area of expertise and requires the right equipment, facilities and specific training. And that’s exactly what the independent specialists can do very well.

Official service partners on the website
During the course of this year, you will find our first official service partners in Europe on our website. If you have had a good experience with companies that are not (yet) listed, please let us know (briefly giving your reasons). We look forward to receiving your input! And we will still be on hand to advise you or your personal service provider.

Online page shortens waiting times
We get a lot of questions in the months of April, May and June. So waiting times often increase then. Only a few specialist staff have the time and expertise to make a remote assessment based on a description. We hope for your understanding. Of course we’ll do all we can to keep the waiting time as short as possible. You can help us by providing as much information as possible when presenting your issues to us. A special page will soon be available on our website for this purpose. By answering questions online, we get a complete description of your problem and can provide a more suitable response.

Better still: ask your service partner
In many cases, however, it’s an even better idea to put your questions to your own service partner. He is familiar with your yacht and may have noticed something during the last service. That’s why he can often answer your questions many times faster than someone at a remote location. Don’t have your own service partner yet or permanently on the move? Just ask around in your circle of acquaintances or at the port or contact our after-sales department.

Tip: ready to start on time due to good planning
As soon as the first spring sun appears, you naturally want to get out on the water and enjoy it. It’s very convenient when your boat is ready to go straight away. At the end of the season, you should therefore establish with your service partner what needs to be done. Don’t forget that professionals in this niche industry are becoming increasingly scarce, so let them schedule your work in good time. This also gives your service partner the opportunity to keep his “crew” up to strength and to prepare things during winter. This is necessary because the small series run and extensive equipment make a yacht many times more complex than a car. And reliability and safety must never be compromised.

Win-win for everyone
So what’s the moral of this story? Linssen Yachts continues to take maintenance and after-sales very seriously, but will now be choosing a different route in order to be able to serve everyone in spite of the increase in scale. The world is changing and we are changing with it. In future, you will be seeing us less often on site and we will increasingly be focusing on the selection, cooperation, training and direct support of suitable service partners. It’s a win-win situation. The specialists at our production site make yachts of unprecedented build quality and the roving independent specialists provide the appropriate maintenance. And you? You’ll be enjoying the greatest hobby there is. We do indeed take your pleasure seriously.

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