During each of the four Linssen Yachts Boat Shows, you can view various new and used yachts in peace and quiet in the showroom. Due to the continuous further development of our yachts, premieres are regularly presented during the shows.
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If you are convinced, you can make an immediate test sailing from the boat yard marina under the supervision of an experienced skipper with a similar yacht of the same class. This will allow you to experience the excellent sailing characteristics for yourself.

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At the Linssen Yachts Boat Show - Season Opening - we have the following yachts on display in our showroom and in our marina:

In the showroom is on display:

  • NEW: the Linssen 30 SL Sedan
  • Grand Sturdy 30.0 sedan
  • Grand Sturdy 30.0 AC
  • Grand Sturdy 35.0 AC
  • Grand Sturdy 35.0 sedan
  • Grand Sturdy 40.0 AC
  • Grand Sturdy 40.0 Sedan
  • Grand Sturdy 45.0 Sedan
  • Grand Sturdy 480 AC Variotop®
  • Grand Sturdy 450AC Variotop®
  • Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop®

And in our marina we have available for trials:

  • Grand Sturdy 40.0 AC
  • Grand Sturdy 30.0 sedan
  • Grand Sturdy 40.0 Sedan
  • Grand Sturdy 35.0 AC
  • Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop®



Linssen Yachts B.V.
Brouwersstraat 17

Dates and Opening hours:

6 March 10.00 - 20.00 h (evening opening!)
7 March 10.00 - 16.00 h
8 March 10.00 - 16.00 h
9 March 10.00 - 16.00 h

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