Linssen Yachts and Raymarine extend long-standing partnership for five years 

Harrold van Asselt on behalf of Raymarine Benelux, and Grégoire Outters (Managing Director Raymarine UK) and Andy King (Vice President of Sales at Raymarine UK) together with Jac Linsen and Ed Houben of Linssen Yachts signed the new cooperation agreement. The principles for this were discussed at Raymarine UK's headquarters in Fareham where there was equal opportunity to review product experiences, discuss innovations and visit Raymarine's development department.

Ed Houben: "It is very impressive to see how a team of enthusiastic engineers keep working on the latest developments. A department of no less than 30 test engineers tests every new development in many ways for factors such as waterproofness, temperature changes, salt load, EMC radiation, UV radiation, shock and vibration resistance and more."

Jac Linssen: "I am impressed with the way Raymarine handles their business and this partly gives confidence that Raymarine is the best possible partner for us to work with in this field."