Buying a luxury Linssen motor yacht 

Buying a luxury motor yacht
You are considering buying a new luxury Linssen motor yacht. We would like to help you make the right choice. There is a great deal involved in making the right decisions. Some things must be determined in advance, others during production or just before the boat is delivered.
Linssen Yachts can assist you with all aspects. After all, Linssen Yachts delivers over 70 new and 30-35 used Linssen yachts to their respective new owners every year. And those owners come from all over Europe and sometimes far beyond, such as the United States, Australia and New Zealand. We know all the requirements of the various countries in terms of boat registration, VAT questions, financing, etc.
Country-specific requirements
Depending on the country in which you want to sail your boat (within the EU or outside), your boat will be specified according to the requirements of that country. For example, the specification of a Linssen yacht for an American customer will be carried out with 110V systems and other specific USA requirements. Switzerland again has different requirements for waste water, etc. Australia and New Zealand have requirements relating to vessel registration and so on. If you sail within the EU as a non-EU resident, there are various points of attention for customs that you need to take into account. We know all about it.

Which Linssen model and version will you choose?
Will you go for the more classic, robust Grand Sturdy series? The "sports luxury" Linssen SL series? Or are you considering one of the unique Linssen yachts with the Variotop®? The latest large Sedan, the Grand Sturdy 500 Sedan Variodeck, is also a possibility.

Which type would you like? AC (with aft cabin) or Sedan (with open cockpit)?
All Grand Sturdy and Linssen SL model lines are available in AC or Sedan versions. Both with their own characteristics and properties.

 What length and how many cabins do you want?
Just as the AC or Sedan are a part of your choice, the length (and width) is also an aspect. After all, a larger yacht has more cabins than a smaller one.
At Linssen, this can be roughly divided into 2 groups:
o The 30 and 35: 1 (Sedan) or 2 (AC) cabins, each with a double bed.
o The 40 and larger: 2 (Sedan) or 3 (AC) cabins, each with a double bed. 

The buying process of a luxury Linssen motor yacht
If you have made some of the above selections and decide that you would like to buy a luxury Linssen motor yacht, we will go through the following process with you:

Visit the boatyard or one of our international dealers
After you have familiarised yourself with trade fairs, magazines and websites and have decided to visit Linssen, we would like to welcome you to our showroom in Maasbracht. One of our advisers will be pleased to show you the production facilities so that you can experience how we will build your future yacht.

Trial run
Perhaps a step further is the possibility of a sea trial. Perhaps not always with the yacht of your choice, but almost always with an equivalent or similar one, so that you can gain the right experience of the sailing properties, the lack of noise and vibration and the handling.

Trade-in valuation
Do you have another (Linssen) boat to trade in? Our advisers will discuss the possibility with you. We will only trade in boats under the Linssen Collection and Pre-Owned terms and conditions and in some cases we may take your Linssen into brokerage. If other brands are involved, we will always look at the possibilities through external partners.

Advice on financing
Finance is different for everyone and personal. If you wish, we can put you in touch with specialists in financing our Linssen yachts.

Clear quotations, specifications and order confirmation
Every stage of the purchase is recorded. Clear offers with exact specifications of the yacht. A clear order confirmation with payment schedules and deadlines clearly indicated. Your luxury Linssen now has a construction number...

Strict delivery date
You might not believe it, but Linssen Yachts' series production is planned to the very last day. We know exactly when a particular construction number starts production and when it will be delivered - in x months' time. We try to agree the delivery date with you at an early stage.

Transparent construction process
The construction process is highly efficient and of a particularly high quality. We are happy to show you. During the construction, you will regularly receive pictures of your yacht in every stage of production via our online platform. Nice to show to your family or friends.

Visit during production
If you would like to come and take a look, you can. Please contact us in advance, so that we can take the time for you.

Extensive quality checks and tests
When the ship is ready, various quality checks and tests are carried out on all the equipment. This happens just before the agreed delivery date. Then we welcome you for the delivery.

Festive handover
The handover of your new (or used, for that matter) Linssen yacht is a celebration. For you, but also for us, of course. We welcome you to our showroom and our transfer specialist and possibly the seller or dealer from your country accompany you throughout the day and take care of the technical transfer of the boat. The glass of champagne is of course part of the deal, as are the flowers on board and the communal photo taken on board, which you can take home immediately.

Training (customised if necessary)
Every new Linssen that is sold includes a day's sailing with one of our experienced captains. This is often Jan Linssen, one of the sons of the founder of Linssen Yachts. He will help you become even more confident on the water so that you can sail your Linssen under all conditions. 

During production, you should also think about:

Ship insurance
We have several insurance companies that specialise in boat insurance. Most of them even have a special Linssen policy for you.

Assistance with marine telephone and other special documents
Have you chosen a marine telephone? If so, you will need a certificate. Will you also be sailing and do you have an AIS or other system? Then you often need a Marcom course. We help you find the right partner.

Interior styling
You can furnish the ship entirely as you wish. You can also opt to have this done (in part) by Boat Styling. Boat Styling regularly takes care of the complete interior styling of our customers' yachts.

Transport service
Do you sail from Maasbracht to your home port, berth or winter storage facility yourself? No problem at all. If you want to transport the yacht further afield, we have various options for transport by water or by road.

Maintenance service
Not unimportant. Before taking delivery of the yacht, you should arrange for a local maintenance partner - usually in the vicinity of your mooring - to do your regular annual maintenance. Your local dealer can certainly help and support you in this. Linssen Yachts itself has contracted out its regular maintenance to external partners. However, all these partners specialise in Linssen yachts and know just as much about them as we do.

Arranging moorings and winter storage
Last but not least, arrange your mooring and winter storage in good time. Depending on where it is located, the berth may also be your winter storage, but your Linssen yacht will often be placed in an indoor winter storage facility. Also make sure the boat is properly winterised and, of course, summerised in the spring before you set sail again.