Download the latest Linssen Yachts books. The shipyard brochure contains our extensive Linssen history, the Linssen production and Linssen unique values. The product book contains all the yachts currently in production.
The Linssen Grand Sturdy 500 Sedan Variodeck is nominated for the European Powerboat of the Year 2022 (EPY 2022) in the category „Displacement / Semi-Displacement“.
You are considering buying a new luxury Linssen motor yacht. We would like to help you make the right choice. There is a great deal involved in making the right decisions. Some things must be determined in advance, others during production or just before the boat is delivered.
New in our brokerage section: this Grand Sturdy 450 AC Variotop®. Front and aft cabin both with large double bed, toilet and shower, a spacious saloon with pantry and dinette vis-a-vis seating and the unique Linssen Variotop® steering saloon. the aft deck is covered with a complete cabrio cover and the specifications of this steel yacht are excellent.
Enjoy the latest video of our new Linssen 30 SL AC
We are very curious to know where you are sailing this summer. Share your location, boat name and type (just once) and we will put you on the map.
The Linssen Variotop® was developed in 1990 and has been used on the Grand Sturdy 500 AC Variotop® since 1996. In recent decades, the convertible top has been regularly improved and renewed, both technically and visually. The current Variotop® is a true One Touch Variotop®. It opens and closes at the press of a button.
On Friday 23 July we introduced the new Linssen Grand Sturdy 45.0 AC INTERO during the VIP-evening at the Linssen Summer Days. With a select group Yvonne Linssen presented this new yacht.
Jos van Uum and Martijn Brinkman, finalists of the Dutch Legomasters 2020, have built a Grand Sturdy 40.0 AC INTERO in Lego on behalf of Linssen Yachts.
Buying a Linssen yacht is not something you do every day. And it’s precisely the feeling that we want to evoke in you from the very first moment of contact: buying a genuine Linssen is and remains special. Even if you’ve been the proud owner of one of our yachts before. Together with a number of renowned partners, we do everything we can to provide you with the ultimate experience. We do this in a way that has characterised our company for more than 70 years: welcoming and committed, with personal attention and an eye for detail.
In recent weeks, we have regularly presented images of the new Grand Sturdy 500 Sedan Variodeck. Our Linssen Magazine for April already contained an extensive report on the many USPs of this large Sedan and now you can also request the special brochure.
Video of the new Linssen 40 SL AC & Sedan
Peter Marienfeld from Skipper Magazine in Germany has tested the new Linssen Grand Sturdy 500 Sedan.
In our seven-part YouTube series, Rennie and his twin brother Lennie explain the differences and similarities between a 35-foot Grand Sturdy 35.0 AC and a 40-foot Grand Sturdy 40.0 AC. Not only are the dimensions, engines, etc. discussed, but we also give a detailed account of the entire interior and the engine room.
New to water sports? Then you might have a lot of questions about what is involved in buying a motor yacht.
From 28 April onwards, we will be able to welcome you back to the Netherlands without an appointment. Our colleagues Rennie Hénuy, Maurice Vleugels and Remco Kwaspen are at your service. Of course, you can make an appointment so that we can take time for you. If, due
In our PRE LAUNCH week from Monday 26 April to Saturday 1 May, we will be pleased to introduce the new Grand Sturdy 500 Sedan Variodeck. This new 500 Sedan is a very versatile boat with many new and useful features.
The new Grand Sturdy 500 Sedan Variodeck is nearing completion. During the first test run, we were able to take some lovely photos in the warm spring sunshine.
Bij Linssen Yachts zoeken wij een elektromonteur. Iemand die niet snel van baan wil switchen. Alleen nu dan, na het lezen van deze vacature. Wij willen namelijk ook niet snel van elektromonteur switchen.
Now that this year, for the first time, there is no BOOT Düsseldorf since the event's inception, we would like to take a look back with you.