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Successful spring show at Linssen Yachts

The annual Linssen In-Water Boat Show was a great success once again this year. Over the course of the VIP night on Friday and the three sailing days from Saturday through Monday, over 430 guests visited the yard and made a total of over 60 trial runs. The available yachts sailed from the Linssen port. Yachts of various sizes could be sailed; the Grand Sturdy 290 AC Traveller (10.35 m) with the special Variobox for (electric) bicycles in the transom, the Grand Sturdy 350 AC (10.70 m), the 40.9 Sedan (12.85 m), the 470 Sedan Wheelhouse (14.45 m), and the three yachts premiering in this show, the Grand Sturdy 410, 470, and 590 AC Variotop®.

Dealer meeting

Prior to the show, there was a dealer meeting on Friday for the present domestic and foreign Linssen agents. During this meeting, everyone was informed of the newest developments in the field of the Linssen models and the yard.

VIP night

The VIP night on Friday, 20 May, was for special guests only. While enjoying various snacks and drinks and the pleasant jazz music of the ‘Blue Note Rollers,’ over 130 guests witnessed a special presentation in which the three premiering yachts with the Linssen-Variotop® collectively came sailing in and moored in the port one by one. Afterwards, the guests could, of course, go and see the new yachts for themselves.

Linssen In Water Boat Show 2015 Linssen In Water Boat Show 2015

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