In this theme week we will look for the story behind the boat name. 


This first one is by Coco and Mireille Vroon with their Grand Sturdy 40.0 AC "Painkiller":

We are super proud, super happy with our second Linssen. This one is even more beautiful and even better, but I also miss the old one a little bit, to be honest. The ship is called the Painkiller. Named after our favourite cocktail that we like to drink on the British Virgin Islands, where we - if we're not on the Linssen - like to be on our catamaran. We like that cocktail so much that we put it on our boat, so that we still have a bit of the Caribbean at home.

Christoph and Susi Lausch about their Linssen Grand Sturdy 40.0 AC "Di Vidende"

"The decision to buy a new yacht of your own inevitably raises the question of naming.

For my life partner, one thing was clear from the start: "The boat's not going to be named after me! Maybe something as a tribute to your father." He had taught us children a long time ago how to make clever investments in shares.

These investments paid dividends, which were also used to pay for part of our new yacht, and so the name was born: "DI VIDENDE".

At the same time we want it to be understood as a life dividend at the end of our professional life, because we hope that our "DI VIDENDE" will give us many more wonderful hours on the water, almost as emotional interest (quote from Hennings-Yacht-Distribution) on an investment in a life dream.

P.S.: We still need a small tender, which could come later as a "BONUS"..."

Uli and Margot Schulte-Austum explain the name of "Der Kleine Mann

"Der Kleine Mann (The Little Man) is a tribute to the owners' deceased dog, who is still on board and accompanies them. The first "Little Man" was a Bayliner, followed by "Little Man 2.0", a Classic Sturdy 32 AC, "Little Man 3.0", a 350 AC and now we're on "Little Man 4.0", a Grand Sturdy 40.0 AC, heading for Europe from its home port of Norderney.

And "The Little Man" is now a minor celebrity."

Klaudia and Klaus Brandhofe about their Classic Sturdy 32 AC

"Over the turn of the year 2018/2019, we undertook a three-week Australian tour with our friends, which we had planned and worked out in detail beforehand.

A highlight of the tour was our two-day sailing trip from Early Beach in the east of Australia. We wanted to go snorkelling to explore the Barrier Reef with its breathtaking underwater world. The peaks of this famous underwater mountain range rise out of the waters of the Pacific Ocean to form a group of 74 islands, the Whitsunday Islands.

The lasting dreamlike memory of this paradise-like world made it easy for us to find a name for our Linssen Classic Sturdy 32 AC.We are looking forward to a hopefully long, similarly wonderful time with our "Whitsunday Island", with the best care and attention from the Linssen yard in Maasbracht.

More names will follow...