Linssen Yachts in Maasbracht has a motivated team of qualified experts working at their drawing boards and computer screens. Their combined knowledge of all aspects of the complex trade of yacht building and water sports is a driving factor behind the success of the Linssen brand.

It starts with the design stage in which the designer is not just looking at the aesthetics but from the outset is considering the construction aspect and what is technically feasible and what is not. Next follows the engineering in which construction, technology and design are coordinated by means of advanced 3D CAD/CAM computer programs.

Retaining, further developing and perfecting tried and tested technologies. Selecting, testing and integrating new technologies. Two basic principles which are the thread that runs through our company policy. At Linssen Yachts, product development is based on long-term strategies and clear objectives. So it’s hardly surprising that over the years, Linssen has set significant trends time and again.

The result:
Innovative yachts from which skippers often derive decades of pleasure.