70 years of family, innovation and tradition… Linssen Yachts


The irresistible urge to sail along magnificent waterways and to moor at exceptional locations demands the best and most suitable boat. That’s where the Linssen family comes in, for three generations now, with all their knowledge and expertise, ready for their customers.
As a family business, we are guided by respect for people, the environment and by an appreciation of fine materials. And it is that passion that enables us to create an added value that goes beyond a ‘good product’.
In that sense, we not only build luxury motor yachts at our premises in Maasbracht and Echt, we also make dreams come true.
The unparalleled symbiosis of the specific choice of materials, the consistent design, the admirable professionalism of our staff in combination with state-of-the-art processes and machines, make these motor yachts built in Limburg into an authentic and unique Linssen!

Enthusiastic designers

Your enthusiasm for boating has been a constant source of inspiration for our designers in creating a collection of water displacement motor yachts that enjoy international recognition. Your Linssen is a reliable travelling companion when you head for the next exciting destination. The team leaves nothing to chance. Thorough work preparation and modular construction – so that important components can be tested in detail before being finally placed inside the hull – are a guarantee of advanced technology. Our scale means that we at Linssen can take product development and system normalisation to their limits, in the interests of your safety and comfort.

Reliable sources and only the best

The hull and superstructure are constructed solely from original S235JR steel. Every Linssen is carefully preserved using high-quality coatings of leading international paint manufacturers. The precious tropical wood types are sourced from certified plantations via suppliers with whom we have been working in many cases for three generations. The propulsion and technical systems in every new Linssen are optimally configured and consist of components of A1 manufacturers and suppliers. Following a meticulous process of testing and improving, the engine room, tank and battery modules, cable harnesses, heating, warm water and filter units, prefab pipework, etc. are released for serial production and are subject to a scrupulous quality control.

Broad spectrum

The Linssen sales staff never ask ‘Which boat do you want to buy?’ We answer that question in consultation with you, after we have taken time to discuss your preferred boating areas, the composition of your family or crew and any guests, your wishes regarding the version and navigation equipment, you personal ideas about luxury and comfort, your personal budget and your longer-term vision regarding that budget. The Linssen models spectrum is also broad in a financial sense. We offer solutions for young families still pursuing their careers, for people of independent means, for ex-sailors or ex-motorhome owners, or for investors who want to place the boat with one of the affiliated Linssen Boating Holidays® partners. Your Linssen representative at the boatyard or in your region in Europe will be pleased to advise you. Make an appointment for a meeting free of obligation.

Craftsmanship, tradition, high tech, innovation and normalisation are not each other’s opposites, but rather team players, which together guarantee a top product. In the yacht-building sector, there is only one builder that has combined these aspects in its own inimitable way. That is without doubt Linssen!

The realisation of your boating dream; an inspiring experience with Linssen
One of our faithful customers who has ‘progressed’ over the years from 10 to 15 metres, so that together with the Linssen family he has smashed the Champagne bottle against the hull as many as five times, said “If you buy a Linssen, a lot more comes with the deal.” In that one statement, he encapsulated everything that we stand for. ‘The boat’ is the instrument on which you and your family and friends experience the most fantastic sailing holidays. ‘The boatyard’ is the institute that makes you a member of a larger community, which allows you to share your experiences with fellow owners, which guarantees you a network of expert dealers in Europe, which automatically sends you the Linssen Magazine twice a year, which warmly welcomes you to boat shows and in-house events, and which offers you the possibility to become a member of one of the international Linssen owners clubs.

Linssen: Made in Holland!

Holland is an unrivalled shipbuilding nation. When it comes to this reputation, Linssen is the undisputed specialist and market leader in the steel yacht segment of 8 to 15 metres in length. The irresistible character, the timeless appearance that defies fashion, the striking design and its proverbial value retention confirm this time and again. Whichever marina you sail into in Europe, your Linssen ensures that you are a welcome and trustworthy guest.

A real connoisseur opts for a Linssen.