In essence, LBH’s charter management formula offers you the possibility to own a boat at a dream location in Europe, to spend your annual holiday on your own boat and, moreover, it offers the possibility that the charter will contribute to the operational costs and maybe even provide income.
For owners who (still) have too little time to use the boat during the entire season, the fact that the boat is not lying idle, is being used meaningfully and is being cared for by professionals at a safe and reliable location, is a comfort in itself. Particularly if you are absent for a longer period.
This way arriving at your LBH partner in Europe and stepping on board your own Linssen is like coming home!
Needless to say, the affiliated LBH partners include models in their fleet from the current Linssen Yachts range only for their own area and target group.

How can I obtain more specific information?

A personal introduction to a representative of the LBH partner in your favourite country or boating region can be easily arranged. Needless to say, you can also make an appointment with your Linssen dealer, in the Linssen Showroom or during one of the many shows at which LY and/or LBH participate.

He or she will be delighted to inform you of the possibilities and specific national and/or regional options. As soon as we have determined a suitable combination of boat and sailing area with you, we can of course provide you with more details of the specific characteristics of that area and the possible return on your investment.

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Yvonne Linssen & Wendy Linssen